Can Pokémon GO Solve the Dexit Controversy?

The Dexit controversy has divided Pokémon fans, but the global phenomenon Pokémon GO could solve the issue by including every single Pokémon species.

Ever since its launch in 2016, Pokémon GO cemented its status as a global phenomenon. Not only did the game bring new fans into the world of Pokémon, but it introduced veteran players to a new gameplay experience. While the app only included the original 151 Pokémon, each subsequent update added a new generation of Pokémon. Some updates even included regional forms introduced in modern generations.

When The Pokémon Company announced in 2019 that not every Pokémon would be featured in Pokémon Sword and Shield, fans were immediately divided on the game. Dubbed the “Dexit” controversy, fans became worried they wouldn’t be able to have all of their favorite Pokémon across multiple generations all in one game. Since Pokémon GO has every Pokémon included in its roster, could the game solve the controversy and unite the Pokémon community?

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The Initial Launch of Pokémon GO Had Wide Appeal

Right from the start, Pokémon GO served as a gateway for new fans to join in on the series. Everybody wanted to get their hands on the game. People were able to form connections with strangers through common interest in the experience. There were only 151 Pokémon included at the time, but with more Pokémon being added consistently, the player has more Pocket Monsters to catch and battle with, as well as new places to explore. While some may view the launch in 2016 as the height of the game’s popularity, there is a dedicated fan base that only grows more and more excited when a new generation of Pokémon is added to the roster.

The GO Battle League Is Inclusive and AccessiblePokemonGOBattleLeague

Ever since the GO Battle League was added to the app, Pokémon GO players have been able to fight other trainers from anywhere around the world with a simple tap of the screen. While the battles differ from traditional ones in other Pokémon games, GO Battle League offers a thrilling mobile experience. It can be accessed by simply tapping the icon in the menu and selecting a team of three. Not only is the mode easily accessible, but every single Pokémon in existence can be used to battle, given they fit into the max CP limit for the player’s selected Cup. The GO Battle League can satisfy players who fear they will never be able to battle with their dream roster of Pokémon Monsters.

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Pokémon Has Always Brought People Together

Interest in Pokémon has always waxed and waned. Originally, when the first Pokémon games were released in 1996, players were encouraged to come together by using the link cable to trade Pokémon in between games. Since Pokémon GO‘s initial launch and beyond, the game has brought players together with easy accessibility and exciting mechanics. With every Pokémon being included in the game, and Pokémon GO having Pokémon Home compatibility, fans can easily transfer their favorite creatures into the app. They can then trade, battle, or become best buddies with their desired Pokémon with the tap of their screens.

While every Pokémon will not be included in traditional Pokémon games moving forward, there are a lot of positives in Pokémon GO that some fans overlook. Accessing one’s favorite Pokémon has never been easier, and the probability of finding other players of Pokémon GO in the world is high. Gamers upset with the Dexit controversy can bring their favorite Pokémon into the title and spend quality time with them.

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