Bungie accused of hacking by Destiny 2 cheat maker

Bungie’s war against cheat makers rages on. The developer has been locked in a battle with AimJunkies since early this year, filing a copyright infringement complaint against the business and its parent company Phoenix Digital. A Seattle judge dismissed the infringement (opens in new tab) claims in May, agreeing with AimJunkies that its software was an original creation. Bungie was given the opportunity to amend its complaint, which it did a few weeks later (opens in new tab).

Now, AimJunkies has returned—not only with a response but a whole-ass counterclaim (opens in new tab)—and it doesn’t look good for the Destiny 2 developer. It claims that Bungie hacked key member James May’s personal computer, combing through files unauthorised “on several occasions” across two years to build evidence for its initial lawsuit, as well as circumventing Phoenix Digital’s own terms of service by reverse engineering the cheat software.

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