Bully Maguire pushes his way into Spider-Man Remastered

The first wave of mods for Marvel’s Spider-Man: Remastered have been largely character-focused, with fans swapping our hero out for alternatives as diverse as Kermit the Frog (opens in new tab) and Saul Goodman (opens in new tab). Getting back to Spider-Man canon itself though (and no I’m not talking about Uncle Ben’s gravestone), the biggest meme from the Sam Raimi movies has finally found its way to Insomniac’s New York.

The Bully Maguire meme spawned from Spider-Man 3, the last of Raimi’s trilogy, wherein Peter Parker for a time wears the symbiote suit. This messes with his head and our normally mild-mannered and loveable nerd becomes, for various amusing sequences in the movie, an emo dickhead.

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