Brave Eduardo Demo Will Be Available During Steam Next Fest

Steam Next Fest is a great opportunity for developers and publishers to show off their upcoming games. The event also gives players a sneak peek into many games, with plenty of playable demos. The next Steam Next Fest will take place from October 3-October 10, 2022. Ahead of the event, Gamera Games have announced a demo for an upcoming game. During the October Steam Next Fest, players will have the chance to try a demo for the 2D adventure game Brave Eduardo.

Brave Eduardo is an open world game set in a Victorian Era world. It stars the titular teddy bear as he adventures through the world. The premise may sound cutesy, but according to today’s press release, there’s more to the world than meets the eye.

“The story of Brave Eduardo takes place in a difficult time in which almost everything known is in the hands of an ambitious businessman, an iron monarchy, and other powers beyond the understanding of our protagonist. There is an anxious class struggle between Spidz and Bears, manipulated by well-connected individuals from both sides. How Eduardo relates to this complex background is something you will have to find out during his journey…”

What do we know about the Brave Eduardo demo for Steam Next Fest?

It’s hard to say with certainty what the demo will contain. However, we can glean some information about the game in general, thanks to trailers and previously published information. Here’s something we know for sure: Brave Eduardo went through quite the evolution before becoming an adventure game. According to its Steam description, it was initially a horror game.

“There is something that people like about seeing an adorable and cute thing sitting next to a body horror-inspired monster. While we scaled back tried to scale back the horror as much as possible during, the audience of many conventions URGED us to return the horror aspect to the game. We’ve decided to keep the scary part in the game but doing so subtly.”

Whether the horror elements of Brave Eduardo will feature in the Steam Next Fest demo remains to be seen. Regardless, players will get a taste of the game. Today’s press release promise that the full game lasts between 50-80 hours.

“Put yourself at the center of a highly-immersive 50-80 hour RPG experience that features more than cute and cuddly teddy bears. You will find ambitious businessmen, dutiful knights, a contentious monarchy system and even beings beyond the bear’s comprehension that will make use of body horror within the game.”

The Brave Eduardo demo will be available sometime during Steam Next Fest, which runs from October 3-October 10.

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