Boruto is Officially No Longer Human After Latest Manga Twist

Warning: contains spoilers for Chapter 67 of Boruto

After learning that Naruto had a son named Boruto in the last chapter of the epic Naruto manga, fans were thrilled at the announcement of the sequel series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. The new manga promised the adventures of another Uzumaki, growing up under the tutelage of perhaps the greatest Hokage in history. Within the first few chapters of the new series, however, it became clear that Boruto was fundamentally different from his father, and had no inclination of following in his footsteps.


Nevertheless, the differences between Naruto and Boruto–like Boruto’s desire to be a shinobi like his hero Sasuke, rather than a Hokage–have not been so dramatic as to permanently preclude the rise of a Naruto-like Boruto… eventually. That is, until the last few chapters of the Boruto series, as the latest changes experienced by the younger Uzumaki have likely ended any chance that he’ll end up like his father. That is, human.

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The key to these changes began way back in chapters 9 and 10 of Boruto, when the hero helps his father and Sasuke defeat Momoshiki Otsutsuki (who sought to kill Naruto and strip him of his chakra to harvest a new God Tree). Although Boruto was able to defeat Momoshiki, he was able to imprint a Kāma on Boruto’s hand before ‘dying.’ The purpose of the Kāma was to bind Momoshiki’s alien essence with Boruto’s. Moreover, it wasn’t a static connection. Rather, as soon as it was imprinted, the Kāma began downloading Momoshiki’s data and swapping out Boruto’s genetic data. The ultimate result being that one day, Momoshiki would completely replace Boruto in a sort of ‘death’ by being genetically overwritten.

Despite this rather ominous event, there have been other story points in the manga that suggested someone would find a way to stop the process before Momoshiki had completely taken over Boruto. Of course, things took a turn when chapter 66 saw Kawaki kill Boruto, ostensibly to stop Momoshiki from resurrecting. It was a bold play masterminded by Kawaki and Boruto himself and, as shocking as it was, it did seem to resolve the Boruto/Momoshiki possession. For some fans, it was even seen as an intriguing ‘red herring’–hiding the true heir to the Uzumaki mantle: Boruto’s younger sister, Himawari.

But no sooner had the dust settled around Boruto’s death, than it was revealed in chapter 67 Boruto was resuscitated by Momoshiki himself–. To accomplish the feat, Momoshiki had to sacrifice his chance of being resurrected. By this time the Kāma had extracted nearly 90% of Momoshiki’s data, with the remainder used to heal and replace Boruto’s organs. While the Kāma wasn’t able to completely overwrite Boruto’s data, the Otsutsuki data was nevertheless fully extracted. In short, this means that Boruto has genetically become an Otsutsuki, albeit one who is mentally still an Uzumaki. The implications of this will be far-reaching both in terms of the overall story, and more importantly, in terms of its main NarutoBoruto, father-son relationship.

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