Boruto Chapter 73: What To Expect

Last month’s Boruto manga built up towards the upcoming arc which sees Boruto Uzumaki and his team step into a new yet-unknown mission. Previously, fans saw Amado and his group make contact with Shikamaru. Preparing to return to Konoha with the likes of Ada and Daemon, Amado is all set to reveal some major truth about his past, along with his true intentions. Fans have been waiting for this for ages and it seems that the perfect time for him to reveal his past has come.

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At the same time, Code was seen creating a new enemy for Boruto and his group and it will be quite interesting to see how these enemies perform in combat when the two eventually meet. For now, all eyes are on Boruto chapter 73, which will be out later this month and will pack quite a lot of information.

Boruto Chapter 73: Amado’s Truth

Boruto chapter 73 will most certainly throw focus on Amado, the genius scientist of Kara who is now a citizen of Konoha. After being kidnapped by Code, Amado was saved by Ada and Daemon. With his trickery, he managed to convince the two to join Konoha and in doing so, He took down two birds with a single shot. Not only would this give Konoha an incredibly powerful defense against Code, but it also protects them from the threat of Ada and Daemon.

Most importantly, Amado’s truth is all set to be revealed in Boruto chapter 73. Fans have been wondering about what secrets his character holds for quite a while now and it is time that the truth gets finally revealed now. Amado will most likely return to Konoha in the next chapter and his true intentions will finally be revealed to the fans. While it isn’t known what exactly drove him to work for Jigen, the answer to that might be provided in the very next chapter.

Boruto Chapter 73: Boruto’s Mission

Amado’s truth isn’t the only thing that Boruto chapter 73 will tackle. As seen previously, Boruto Uzumaki and Team 7 were called into the Hokage office to take on a new mission. The full details of this mission are not known yet, however, this month’s chapter is sure to throw some light on that. Fans will finally get a chance to see Team 7 in action again as they have been sidelined for quite a long time. This mission, as expected, is going to be quite dangerous for Boruto Uzumaki and his team. Hinata being worried about Boruto’s return further confirms that the upcoming task is going to be laden with trouble for our heroes.

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Furthermore, with each passing chapter, the series has gotten closer to its time skip and this arc might as well be the last one before Boruto finally skips over a few years, as seen in the prologue. For now, Team 7 is heading off to what appears to be a very dangerous mission and something that only Boruto and his team can fulfill. This hints at the mission being somehow tied to the Karma and the Otsutsuki clan, however, nothing has been explicitly confirmed just yet.

Boruto Chapter 73: The Humanoid Ten-Tails

Boruto chapter 72 saw Code return to Jigen’s dimension and, there, use his abilities on the Ten-Tails to turn it into smaller humanoid Ten-tailed monsters. With the ability to use the space-time ninjutsu that Code deploys, these humanoid Ten Tails are sure to create quite a lot of problems for Boruto Uzumaki and his team. Given that they are about to set out on a new mission, it is quite likely that they will be met by Code’s latest creation along the way somewhere.

The Ten-Tails is incredibly powerful, thus, these beasts are likely to possess tremendous strength as well. As such, the fans are certainly in for some intense action between Team 7 and a few of these beasts. It is also possible that they will come into play in an even bigger fashion, depending on what Code has in his mind right now. As of now, things certainly look like they are going to heat up soon, starting with Boruto chapter 73.

When Will Boruto Chapter 73 Release?

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is a monthly manga that is released in V Jump, alongside other popular monthly manga such as Dragon Ball Super. Although the series took a break recently, Boruto looks set to be released later this month with an incredible chapter on the horizon. According to Manga Plus, Boruto chapter 73 will release on September 20, 2022. Fans can read the manga for free on Shonen Jump and MangaPlus.

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