Best Pokemon GO Great League Team/Pokemon for September 2022

The new Pokemon GO Season, The Season of Lights, is here and with it comes a brand new Pokemon GO GO Battle League season.

It’s the first new season since the 2022 Pokemon World Championships and features a bunch of different cups, including the Psychic Cup, the Weather Cup and The Halloween Cup.

Alongside those are the regular smattering of the Great, Ultra and Master League.

So, to kick things off, we’re going to take a look at the best Great League Pokemon and Teams for the September 2022 Season 12 Pokemon GO Battle League.

Welcome to the Paldea region! | Pokémon Scarlet & Pokémon Violet



Welcome to the Paldea region! | Pokémon Scarlet & Pokémon Violet





Best Pokemon For The Pokemon GO GO Battle League Season 12 – September 2022

Below, you will find the 30 best Pokemon you can choose and their best movesets for Season 12 of the Pokemon GO GO Battle League according to PVPoke:

  • Registeel – Lock On/Focus Blast/Zap Cannon
  • Galarian Stunfisk – Mud Shot/Rock Slide/Earthquake
  • Swampert – Mud Shot/Hydro Cannon/Earthquake
  • Walrein – Powder Snow/Icicle Spear/Earthquake
  • Trevenant – Shadow Claw/Seed Bomb/Shadow Ball
  • Scrafty – Counter/Foul Play/Power-Up Punch
  • Medicham (XL) – Counter/Ice Punch/Psychic
  • Lickitung (XL) – Lick/Body Slam/Power Whip
  • Altaria – Dragon Breath/Sky Attack/Moonblast
  • Bastiodon (XL) – Smack Down/Stone Edge/Flamethrower
  • Machamp – Counter/Cross Chop/Rock Slide
  • Sneasler – Shadow Claw/Close Combat/X-Scissor
  • Diggersby (XL) – Mud Shot/Fire Punch/Earthquake
  • Nidoqueen – Poison Jab/Poison Fang/Earth Power
  • Regirock – Lock On/Stone Edge/Focus Blast
  • Azumarill (XL) – Bubble/Play Rough/Hydro Pump
  • Araquanid – Bug Bite/Bug Buzz/Bubble Beam
  • Kommo-o – Dragon Tail/Close Combat/Dragon Claw
  • Lurantis – Fury Cutter/Leaf Blade/Superpower
  • Whiscash – Mud Shot/Mud Bomb/Blizzard
  • Mandibuzz – Snarl/Foul Play/Aerial Ace
  • Skarmory – Air Slash/Brave Bird/Sky Attack/
  • Pachirisu (XL) – Volt Switch/Thunder Punch/Thunderbolt
  • Tapu Fini – Water Gun/Surf/Moonblast
  • Lucario – Counter/Power-Up Punch/Shadow Ball
  • Obstagoon – Counter/Night Slash/Obstruct
  • Cofagrigus – Shadow Claw/Shadow Ball/Psychic
  • Golbat – Wing Attack/Poison Fang/Shadow Ball
  • Sableye (XL) – Shadow Claw/Foul Play/Return
  • Vigorith – Counter/Body Slam/Bulldoze

Best Team Choices For The Pokemon GO GO Battle League Season 12 – September 2022

Although there is never a definitive “best team” as you always have to be wary of your opponent’s counters, these are the choices that we think will perform best in this rotation:

  • Registeel/Swampert/Trevenant
  • Stunfisk/Walrein/Altaria
  • Scrafty/Lickitung/Bastiodon
  • Machamp/Nidoqueen/Azumarill
  • Araquanid/Diggersby/Sneasler

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