Best Anime Girls Of The Summer 2022 Season

Every season there are numerous anime released for fans viewing pleasure, covering various genres and themes. Dozens upon dozens of shows air and each season fans rave and rant about their favorite new characters in the newly released anime. While a strong story can decide whether or not an anime does well, characters that capture the hearts of the fans can also be a big deciding factor.

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More often than not, it is the girls that shine above the rest of the cast. A cute design, an adorable attitude, or a fiery personality attracts fans and keeps them locked into their story. While there are an endless number of characters that flood every anime season, only a select few make an impact and are held up by the fans. Here are some of the best anime girls of the summer 2022 anime season.


7 Nazuna Nanakusa Gets Everyone’s Blood Pumping In Call Of The Night

Call of the Night took the anime season by storm as a supernatural romance anime about a young boy who gets together with a vampire. Nazuna Nanakusa erupted on the anime season as a pale-haired hellion with fangs.

Nazuna is a very reserved individual who keeps her distance from others and is very confident in the type of person she is. She can be a very straightforward or “aggressive” person, which was the perfect match for the indecisive Kou Yamori. Nazukuna is a reasonably short young girl with a slender body. She has blue eyes and light purple hair that complement each other very well.

6 Chisato Nishikigi Is A Knockout In Lycoris Recoil

Chisato Nishikigi embodies the BAMF character archetype. She is a seventeen-year-old girl with light blonde hair fashioned into a bob cut decorated with a red ribbon that matches her eyes. Chisato wears bright colors that accompany her personality. She is always joyful and kind to others, especially when they need her help.

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However, viewers shouldn’t be fooled by Chisato’s non-threatening personality. In Lycoris Recoil, she is the most well-trained and efficient combat agent in the DA organization. Chisato has earned a reputation for being the strongest agent of DA after taking on a small army on her own, wielding nothing but her trusty SMG and her intellect.

5 Mabel Rayveil Is An Adorable NEET In Isekai Ojisan

Mabel Rayveil is one of the supporting characters of Uncle From Another World, which debuted on Netflix this season. The anime is filled with wacky antics and oddball characters from start to finish. Mabel is quickly portrayed as one of the most unique with her disarming appearance and polar opposite personality. Mabel was the guardian of the frost sword, which had been her family’s responsibility for years. Everything in her life was turned upside down when Ojisan killed the dragon the sword was meant for and left Mabel without a purpose.

With no responsibility, Mabel was forced out of her village for being a free-loader and must try and survive on her own. This made caused Mabel to lose all confidence in herself, not wanting to work for a living. Mabel has dark black hair and deep ice blue eyes that give her an exquisite and cold appearance; however, Mabel is actually a lazy worry wart.

4 Demons Can’t Be All Bad With Kisara From Engage Kiss

On the outside, Kisara is a cute high school girl with a million-dollar smile and a can-do attitude. On the inside, Kisara is a one-thousand-year-old demon with unimaginable power. Kisara is one half of a demon-slaying team and the lover of Shu Ogata. Shu found Kisara trapped in a cave and through a series of events, became linked.

Kisara is a kind, compassionate and mature individual who understands her role to protect and save lives. The only time Kisara’s childish and “yandere” personality traits appear is when she and Shu are together off duty or when she becomes jealous of Shu’s ex-girlfriend. Kisara has bright pink hair with an average frame and can be most likely seen wearing her high school uniform. When in battle, Kisara dawns an all-black dress with stockings and a demonic sword.

3 Ruby Stands Out In RWBY

RWBY has been a long-standing animation from Rooster Teeth for quite some time. Created by Monte Oum, RWBY shocked and amazed fans with its brilliant fight scenes and exciting story. This anime season, RWBY received an anime adaptation called Ice Queendom, a retelling of the original chapter, introducing fans to Ruby and her friends.

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Ruby, the main character of the series, is a strong fighter attending Beacon academy with hopes of becoming a powerful hunter like her mother and uncle. Ruby has black, silver eyes and fashions a gothic-like black and red dress with knee-high combat boots. Ruby’s weapon of choice is a gun-scythe that she wields with devilish precision. Being a positive and optimistic individual, Ruby will risk her life in order to protect innocent people and her teammates.

2 Emilico Lightens The Mood In Shadow House

Shadow House was one of the most unique series to debut in the 2022 anime season. Fans were swept away by the pure and generous Emilico, who fell right on her face into the hearts of thousands. Emilico serves as the human face or “living doll” of the Shadow, Kate, and must do her best to make her look good among the rest of the shadows. Unfortunately, Emilico is a bit of an air-head and unbelievably clumsy girl, tripping almost every other step.

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However, Emilico is a sweetheart that always tries her best and pushes others to do the best they can as well. Emilico has long blonde hair tied into pigtails and sparkling opal eyes. When not serving as Kate’s shadow, she wears an average maid outfit with pink bows.

1 Shibuya Kanon Shines Bright in Love Live! SuperStar!

Shibuya Kanon is the fresh new face of Love Live! Superstar!. She is a member of the new idol group, Leillal. Kanon is a timid and socially anxious young girl who wishes more than anything else to be able to sing and bring joy to people’s hearts.

Kanon is a relatively short and thin girl with medium-length orange hair and wide brown eyes. In the second season of Love Live! Superstar! Kanon is now a second-year high school student. She was born in May, making her a Taurus who enjoys baked apples and hamburger steak.

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