Best Anime Boys Of The Summer 2022 Season

With another anime season come and gone, there were a plethora of shows that rose to their expected potential and a few that didn’t quite meet expectations. However, among the endless sea of stories that were magically brought to life on screen, there are always special characters that make a big splash and have fans all over the world chattering about them with friends or on forums.

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These characters vary from series to series. Sometimes, they’re the adorable ninja with pigtails or the weathered edge-lord on a mission of vengeance. Each anime season brings new characters, and some rise to the cream of the crop and become fan favorites of the season, which sometimes can lead to a show’s success. Here are some of the best anime boys of the 2022 summer anime season.


6 Ayanokouji Is A Cold Customer In High School Of The Elite

Classroom of the Elite recently received a second season, and Ayanokouji returned to the enjoyment of the cult following of fans the series has generated. Ayanokouji is an enigmatic character in Classroom of the Elite. His disposition is a very laid-back, unfeeling individual who presents a very blunt and dim-witted persona.

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While Ayanokouji has a very nihilistic attitude, he is extremely intelligent and well-studied in almost all subjects. He’s an expert manipulator able to turn all outcomes in his favor with proper preparation. Ayanokouji has a tall frame, short brown hair, and unique eye color, making him stand out.

5 Alto Goldfield Is Destined For Greatness In Vermeil In Gold

Alto is a hard-working and intelligent young student, well on his way to becoming a sorcerer in Ortigia Academy of Magic. Unfortunately, he does not do well with summoning magic, which is a necessity. In a last-ditch effort to avoid being held back a year, he summons a demon from an old grimoire and obtains the familiar, Vermeil.

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Alto, while extremely bright, is still naive with childish tendencies when he gets flustered around girls or teased. He still manages to have very strong willpower, able to stand up for himself and protect his friends. Alto is a very short boy, which he feels very insecure about, with silver hair, golden eyes, and an overall peaceful personality.

4 A Star Is Born With Kazuki Yoshino in Kami Kazu Idol

Kami Kuzu Idol is a fun-loving series that follows three up-and-comers on their journey to fame and glory. Kazuki is one of the members of the idol group, Zings. He has light brown hair with blue eyes and a bright smile. On stage, Kazuki is a shining light that pours his heart out in his performance. That said, behind the curtains and out of the spotlight he is an entirely different person.

Kazuki suffers from intense anxiety and very low self-esteem. He often berates himself with doubts and negative thoughts. But to everyone around him, Kazuki is a kind and warm person who helps them through their own tough times. Thanks to joining Zings and becoming friends with Niyodo, he can find the confidence to do his best.

3 Mizuto Irido Makes The Best Of A Bad Situation in My Step-Moms Daughter Is My Ex

My Step-Mom’s Daughter Is My Ex surprised many anime fans with its wild premise and whacky scenarios that followed its debut. Mizuto is one of the series’ main protagonists, paired with his ex-girlfriend, Yume.

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Mizuto is an average young boy with dark brown hair and light brown eyes. Highly introverted, Mizuto spends most of his time in books and enjoying his favorite anime. Because of his inability to adequately converse with others, he distances himself from most people, which is how he and Yume bonded. Mizuto is a brilliant student and receives top marks in school, but his social prowess suffers because of his insecurities.

2 Belle Cranel Fights For His Familia In Danmachi Season 4

Belle Cranel is the main protagonist of Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon? In the series, Belle must go through the trials and tribulations of an adventure to become stronger and protect those important to him. Unfortunately, there are those in the shadows who seek to make his journey as difficult as possible.

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Belle has white hair and red eyes with an average build. He is an incredibly kind young man and places his friend’s needs above all else, even his own life. However, Belle holds a great power within him, and he is put to the test in DanMachi season four. The Hestia Familia must go on their first expedition and fight their way through unimaginable challenges.

1 Ayumu Tanaka Tries To Get The Girl In When Will Tanaka Make His Move?

Tanaka is a second-year student at his local high school. He is of average height with black hair and brown eyes. While Tanaka is a very kind person, he gives off a persona that makes him hard to approach.

In the series, When Will Tanaka Make His Move?, Tanaka is on a mission to win the heart of his school crush. While the feelings are definitely mutual, Tanaka refuses to confess his feelings until he beats his crush in Shogi. Tanaka’s stone-faced features make it very hard for people to understand his feelings. Paired with his bluntness, it makes for a very unpredictable personality.

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