Begin and end office rivalries with Checkbox Olympics

It’s nice to be reminded that videogames aren’t all about the latest shiny AAA snoozefest, but can slot into our lives in fleeting and funny ways. Such is Checkbox Olympics (opens in new tab), a browser game that was probably built for a laugh but turns out as a weirdly perfect fit for passing around your colleagues.

Take me, a bitter old man with a lifetime’s experience at clicking things. My wizened fingers managed 11.224 seconds in the 100 metre sprint, and I challenged my colleagues to beat it. Joshua Wolens, with his limber digits and all the advantages of youth, managed a risible 15.637 seconds. “But I am handicapped by a trackpad, that’s my excuse,” writes Josh. There are no excuses in the Checkbox Olympics my friend. “This is why my elite Starcraft career never took off,” he laments, before going off to console himself with lunch.

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