b>Ashfall/b> NetEase reveals new PC and mobile crossplatform shooter at Tokyo Game Show 2022

Ashfall, a new multiplatform adventure shooter MMORPG that will be developed by Legendary Star Studios, and published by NetEase, is making its explosive debut at the Tokyo Game Show 2022. Ashfall is expected to launch in 2023 on Steam PC, Android, and iOS platforms. Here are 2 trailers for this action-packed online shooter. Technical Test is now live on Google Play in North America.

About Ashfall

The World of Ashfall has been devastated by nuclear war caused by artificial intelligence that revolted against mankind and tried to destroy its creators. After the destruction, there are some traces of civilization and the last survivors – battling to survive in the scorched and dangerous city – have lost their lives. All that remains is obnoxious, gloomy, and rusty, but the mind of humanity remains alive. The players play the role of the Wanderers, who are tasked with leaving the Vault and seeking the legends’ “Core of Creation” that may lead to mankind’s salvation.

Players who want to become the first to enter Ashfall can list the game on Steam, and then follow the game’s social media channels, where the developers share their progress on the game. The world of Ashfall needs heroes to help it rebuild, and when the players were brave enough to face the dangers are the first to reach the core of creation and save humanity from destruction.

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