Atlus Says “No New Announcements” For Persona During Upcoming Live Event

Atlus is set to host a Persona-focused live concert in Japan on October 8 and 9, 2022 called Persona Super Live P-Sound Wish 2022. It will feature live musicians performing songs from the franchise’s acclaimed soundtrack, as well as guest appearances from the voice actors. In a recent blog post on the official Persona Channel website, Atlus confirmed a few other selling points the event would have, such as a life-size statue of Arsene, and Morgana and Teddie mascots that would greet incoming guests. They also went out of their way to let everyone know that “there are no plans to announce new game titles,” during this showcase.


Not exactly the biggest surprise; the focus of the event is clearly celebrating Persona’s music. Furthermore, the purpose is to do so live, for the audience that’s there. Were there to be any sort of new game announcement to take place during this concert, it’s undeniable that a lot fewer people would see it, as opposed to a live-streamed games conference. Nevertheless, Atlus felt the need to be as clear as possible so no one would have any unmet expectations.

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The Persona franchise began in 1996. After the worldwide release of Persona 5 in 2017, the series reached new unimaginable heights, as the game became one of the most beloved turn-based RPGs of all time. It spawned two spinoffs and a definitive edition that updated numerous fundamental aspects and added dozens of hours of new content. So, it’s likely that the fan expectation for a new Persona game is like nothing Atlus has faced before.

Back in 2021, Atlus announced the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Persona franchise, which they described as a year-long campaign that would end in Fall 2022, and would feature merchandise, events, collaborations, game information, and new announcements. Many of these have already occurred, such as the announcement that Persona 5 is coming to other platforms outside of PlayStation.

Many fans speculate, and sincerely hope, that the campaign will culminate with the reveal of the next mainline entry in the franchise, which will likely be titled Persona 6. The 25th anniversary website still lists that there are more announcements to come, so even though the concert is out of the question, hope is not yet lost.

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