Anime Race Clicker Codes (September 2022)

Anime Race Clicker is an experience in Roblox where you race against other players to gather shurikens! You can also buy exclusive heroes that make you go even faster during your races! This guide will detail every current Anime Race Clicker reward code available throughout September 2022 and how to redeem them in Roblox.

All Roblox Anime Race Clicker Codes in September 2022

According to places such as the game’s official Roblox page, Twitter and Discord, there are two codes currently available for you to redeem in Anime Race Clicker as of September 15, 2022:

  • Release—Free Ninja
  • LikeGoal500—Free x2 Shuriken boost

There are currently no expired codes for Anime Race Clicker. However, since it is a newer game, you can surely expect more to pop up soon! If you want to ensure you don’t miss out on any future codes, check out their official Discord and Twitter or keep an eye on updates here!

How to Redeem Anime Race Clicker Codes

Roblox Anime Clicker Race Redeem

Image via Roblox Anime Clicker Race

To redeem any of the codes mentioned above, take the following steps:

  1. Head into Anime Race Clicker and spawn into the game.
  2. Click on the blue Twitter icon on the right side of your screen. The button is near the gear buttons under your Gems.
  3. You’ll find a box where you can copy-paste your codes. Press the Redeem button to get your rewards!

Once you get your rewards, you can access them through your Heroes Inventory and Premium Shop. While the Heroes Inventory houses your new Ninja, the Premium Shop holds your Shuriken boosters!

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Image Sources: Official Anime Race Clicker Roblox page

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