All Naruto Filler Episodes to Skip

Sometimes the most popular anime must resort to unfortunate measures to keep from going on hiatus or running out of material, and Naruto is no exception, unfortunately.  This, of course, results in massive amounts of filler, which is present throughout Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, and Boruto: Naruto Next Generations where the anime will have small, inconsequential arcs to fill in time before new installments which continue the main narrative.  This is particularly true for Naruto as the anime began airing far before the manga was completed.  Here’s our guide to All Naruto Filler Episodes to Skip!

All Naruto Filler Episodes to Skip


We have gone ahead and separated the lists by each anime series.  Be sure to consult our series watch order guide as well, in case you wish to watch the films and shows in their appropriate order.  Some are individual one-shots, while others span dozens of episodes, so if you’ve got the series on auto-play and lose track, you might find yourself confused by bizarre, unrelated plots which might occasionally drag before you get back into the action.  Use this guide to discern what episodes you wish to skip, and you’ll get just as much enjoyment out of the series as creator Masashi Kishimoto intended.


Naruto (Part I) Filler Episodes

The original Naruto manga was much shorter than Shippuden, but there’s a noticeable filler period near the end of its run to pad out the episodes and as a result, the overall count is heavily inflated.  To the series’ credit, however, these latter filler episodes cover multiple arcs wherein the characters carry out missions, instead of getting locked into battles and otherwise having to abandon their original mission which has often been the case.

  • 26
  • 97
  • 101-106
  • 136-140
  • 143-219

Naruto Shippuden (Part II) Filler Episodes

Naruto Shippuden had a larger spread of filler episodes entirely because of how large the series was.  The viewers were treated to substantial amounts of content before the filler arcs started, and from there they were a persistent occurrence.  While some understandably play into the series’ themes and mythos and can be interesting to watch, you can completely miss these episodes and not be any less prepared for the plot to continue in the main episodes.

  • 57-70
  • 91-111
  • 144-151
  • 170-171
  • 176-196
  • 223-242
  • 257-260
  • 271
  • 279-281
  • 284-295
  • 303-320
  • 347-361
  • 376-377
  • 388-390
  • 394-413
  • 416-417
  • 422-423
  • 427-450
  • 464-468
  • 480-483

Boruto: Naruto Next Generation Filler Episodes

This series is still ongoing but is unable to dodge the filler present in the previous two anime programs.  Below are the episodes to watch out for:

  • 16-17
  • 40-41
  • 49-50
  • 67-69
  • 96-97
  • 112-114
  • 116-119
  • 138-140
  • 152-156
  • 256-258

This concludes our list of All Naruto Filler Episodes to Skip!  Be sure to keep your eyes out for more entertainment pieces such as this, and much more on Attack of the Fanboy!

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