A New PS5 Model With A Detachable Disc Drive Is Apparently Coming Next Year

Serial leaker Tom Henderson launched his new outlet overnight and his first report suggests that Sony is gearing up to release a new PS5 model next year with a detachable disc drive. It’s currently codenamed D-chassis PlayStation 5 (following the C chassis model that launched just this month) and will be identical internally to the PS5 on shelves except for the fact that it will be built with an external disc drive in mind and could possibly be slimmer.

The disc drive will connect via USB-C port and apparently attach to the PS5 in a way that makes it look like the current PS5 (but slimmer) and well integrated into the console. It’s reported that the PS5 will be sold on its own or in a bundle with the detachable disc drive, and the disc drive will also be sold separately.

It’s unclear if the disc drive will be able to be used with the currently Digital PS5 although given it just connects by USB-C it seems likely that this will be a case and feels like it’ll be a worthy addition for those with a digital PS5 wanting to add a disc drive and be able to get cheaper physical games.

We’ll keep you posted as hear more about this, but it makes sense for Sony to create one PS5 SKU and handle things in this way.

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