A Bunch Of Grand Theft Auto 6 Gameplay Footage And Screenshots May Have Leaked

This is either one of the most significant game leaks of all time, or one of the most elaborate mods we’ve ever seen, but either way, it’s insanely fascinating.

Just moments ago, over 90 videos and screenshots, some more than a minute in length appeared on GTA Forums (the largest Grand Theft Auto website) claiming to show off our first look at Grand Theft Auto 6.

The gameplay footage and screenshots perfectly match what had previously been leaked about the game, showing off a Latina female protagonist and also a male playable character with the location appearing to be a modern day Vice City.

The gameplay footage ranges everywhere from in-mission gameplay, to character animations, and a huge variety of locations including a downtown, city location, a strip club, stores and more.

We’re following this story as it unfolds, as no doubt this is going to be incredibly interesting to watch.

Rockstar hasn’t revealed any information about Grand Theft Auto 6 outside of the fact that it is in development.

We’ve posted a bunch of tweets below containing the footage and screenshots or you can find them all HERE.

Obviously, if this is real it’s all alpha footage so by no means final, but it absolutely gives us a great look at what to expect in the final version of the game. We’ll continue to update with more as it comes in.

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