8 Best Easter Eggs Hidden In The Anime

A new Shonen Jump manga called Aliens Area has been released, and it certainly has some traits that fans of the hit series Naruto would enjoy. The series takes a chapter to develop the characters, similar to what Naruto has done and has already received a lot of attention.

Naruto has a massive fan base that enjoys both the manga and anime and, like other animes that are available to viewers, has plenty of Easter eggs hidden in the content. Some of these Easter eggs are sometimes hard to notice, and sometimes, we miss them when watching the series despite them being right in front of us.


8 Naruto Poster

Easter eggs are placed in a series for a reason or as a fun addition to an episode. One purpose for using them is for advertisement placement. There are a few instances of this in Naruto Shippūden. One Easter egg that pops up is in Episode 222 occurs when the fan-favorite side character, Killer Bee, alongside Raikage, is leaving his home, and audiences will see two posters for the film Naruto: Blood Prison.

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Some fans have noticed that whenever a new Naruto movie is coming out, the posters for the film will show up in specific episodes. So while they are not the most significant Easter egg, they are still fun to pick out.

7 Pakkun

Aside from Shippūden, the original Naruto series also has plenty of Easter eggs that went unnoticed until certain fans pointed them out. One Easter egg, in particular, would reference a future episode of the series.

In episode 20 of Naruto, Naruto is seen unlocking his door, and on his key ring is a key chain. Naruto’s keychain has a figure of Pakkun attached to it. While Pakkun wouldn’t show up until much later in the series, it was a good hint/nod to what might be showing up later.

6 Guren Hidden In The Crowd

The series is known for being a great martial arts-centered anime and manga. Aside from the main cast of characters known for having powerful skills, there are plenty of strong side characters, and one of them was hidden in a crowd in Naruto Shippūden, episode 479.

Guren, a powerful ninja that possesses the unique Crystal Release Kekkei Genka, can be seen amongst a crowd that has gathered to see Naruto. Her and a few minor characters that have made an appearance are among the onlookers there as well. However, Guren’s hair and clothing helped her stand out.

5 Evidence Of More Than One Uchiha After The Death Of The Clan

After the slaughter of the Uchiha clan, it was believed that Sasuke was the last of the Uchiha clan. Or is he?

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During Shippūden, episode 359, the group is outside with some of the others, and Sasuke sits near the fence. When Naruto looks over at him, a younger kid runs in between them. On the back of the kid’s shirt is the Uchiha clan symbol. Is the kid a clan member who wasn’t there when the massacre occurred? This has never been confirmed or denied, but it is an interesting Easter egg.

4 Hidden Leaf Grand Sports Festival

Naruto has a lot of entertaining and humorous moments throughout the series. One moment that has become an iconic and funny scene also has a couple of great Easter eggs. During one of the sports festivals, Naruto had gotten sick and needed to go to the bathroom, and every time he got a break and ran to the bathroom, the line was long.

The Easter egg is hard to catch at first because of the speed of that scene, but within the line waiting to use the bathroom, a couple of the best Hidden Leaf clan members are also waiting to use the facilities.

3 King Kong Cameo

Some simple yet humorous Easter eggs get placed in episodes of Naruto. One of these Easter egg inserts just so happens to look like it took inspiration from a classic action film.

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In Shippūden episode 243, King-Chan was introduced to the series. The giant gorilla has very similar traits to the character King Kong. The island the character is on also looks identical to Skull Island. It is highly possible that this is a nod to the King Kong films, and the episode is a lot of fun to watch.

2 Haku?

Naruto Shippūden has plenty of scenes where there are large crowds of people, and as always, a couple of characters are hidden amongst them. Luckily, some fans have great eyes and found one Easter egg that is hard to see. During episode 183 of Shippūden, a virus outbreak occurred, and a large crowd gathered together.

Amongst the crowd, when zoomed in, viewers will be able to see a character that looks like Haku. The way the character dresses along with the hairstyle is a big indication that Haku was there during the time.

1 Orochimaru Or Neji Hyuga?

There are a lot of older characters that already had plenty of strength when they were young. One of these individuals, an antagonist of the series, may have appeared in a crowded scene as an Easter egg insert. Like the previous crowd Easter eggs, this one is up for debate on who the individual is. Some fans have said that this person is Orochimaru.

However, there are a lot of fans that believe that the individual in the crowd is Neji Hyuga. Despite this Easter egg still being up for debate, it’s still a worthy mention and a good conversation starter.

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