2023 games: all the new games confirmed for next year

Let’s get real. We’re all thinking about 2023 games already, even though there’s plenty of this year left to go. Some of the biggest releases we’d been anticipating this year got edge guarded into the next and there are guaranteed to be more release date casualties before December rolls around. Even though there are a lot of great games left on this year’s docket, it can’t hurt to take a peek ahead. I’m not the only one who starts thinking about what I want for tomorrow’s breakfast while I’m still cooking today’s dinner, right?

For the third year running, we’ve seen an increase in big games willing to push back their release dates to get a bit more development time. Not even just once, either. Some are still getting multiple delays before they finally hit our game libraries. Knowing that, let’s call this a tentative 2023 games list. Inevitably, some of the names here will get kicked into the year 2024—a frightful number for me to be forced to type already. When they do, we’ll be keeping track right here, just like we are for the current year.

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