10 Worst Things Fans Want to Forget About Bleach

The return of the Bleach anime is right around the corner, and shonen anime fans around the world cannot wait to dive back into the anime adventure of Ichigo Kurosaki and his friends. There is a lot to look forward to with Bleach‘s shiny new anime series, and fans may be feeling highly nostalgic for the original, too.

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The original Bleach anime has its perks, such as a fantastic OST and a surprisingly good English dub. Still, in terms of production values and sometimes plot or characters, the original Bleach anime falls short, especially when compared to newer titles like My Hero Academia and Jujutsu Kaisen. Some fans may want to forget the anime’s weakest points so they don’t ruin the fun for the new Bleach series.

10 Bleach’s Anime Censors Graphic Material

Anime series often tone down the gore and brutality of the source manga, such as editing out blood, broken bones, and even damaged teeth, among other injuries. However, modern anime fans have a pretty strong stomach for graphic scenes, such as people mutating into monsters in Jujutsu Kaisen.

The Bleach manga’s action scenes feel impactful with their brutal sequences, but the anime’s toned-down visuals are disappointing, to say the least. Fans can only hope that this won’t continue in the new Bleach anime in October.

9 Bleach Had The Same Story Arc Twice

Some Bleach fans might not mind this oddity of the anime’s plot, but others will, and they might not like being reminded of it. The Soul Society story arc felt fresh and exciting as Ichigo and his friends raided the Soul Society to free their captured friend Rukia Kuchiki, then it happened all over again.

With some minor twists, the Hueco Mundo story arc was pretty much the same adventure, from the temporary isekai elements to the “damsel in distress” plot and how Ichigo’s team must face an elite squad of fighters. At least the upcoming arc won’t do anything like that.

8 Bleach Has Bad LGBT Representation

In an era where the LGBT community is celebrated, it can be an unpleasant surprise to rewatch 1990s or 2000s anime like Bleach and find examples of bad LGBT representation. Fortunately, Bleach soon dropped doing that, but the damage was already done.

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Early on, the story included a homosexual girl named Chizuru Honsho, who embodied the “sexually predatory lesbian” stereotype, which is the last thing any anime, let alone a “big three” title, needs. Later on, though, Chizuru improved somewhat as a character, and her predatory side was greatly diminished.

7 The Bleach Anime Looks So Dated

It can’t be helped; the first few seasons of the Bleach anime are a product of their time, and those early episodes look dated and low-tech compared to modern visual treats like Attack on Titan and Demon Slayer. The new Bleach season will look fantastic, but the older episodes can’t be updated so easily.

Over half of Bleach‘s anime episodes are fullscreen rather than widescreen, and they are certainly not HD, either. The visuals are fuzzy, clunky, and cheap-looking at times, and that may prompt some nostalgic Bleach fans to check out the original manga instead. At least the manga’s art aged well.

6 The Bleach Anime Has Lots Of Filler Episodes

Any discussion of Bleach‘s faults is bound to bring up the topic of filler episodes, which can be somewhat divisive among anime fans. Some fans actually do enjoy filler episodes, which offer a chance to explore fun what-if scenarios. Still, most other anime fans are not impressed.

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Anime filler episodes are a frustrating waste of time in the eyes of many fans, and they disrupt Bleach‘s pacing, too. Fans won’t look back fondly on having the main story interrupted so many times. On the plus side, the new season should have few, if any, filler episodes.

5 Ichigo Can Be A Petty Jerk At Times

There are some aspects of Bleach‘s lore and characters that fans definitely want to forget. This includes Ichigo Kurosaki himself, who is certainly nothing like himbo shonen leads such as Naruto, Goku, Luffy, and Natsu. He’s a tough and cool punk, but he also takes it too far at times.

Ichigo is quick to anger and tends to pick fights like a bratty kid who thinks he’s all that, and it’s awkward to watch. Ichigo kept making a fool of himself this way in the anime, but he gradually started to outgrow it. This might not be such a problem anymore by this point in the series.

4 Characters Keep Getting Sudden Power-Ups

Nearly every shonen anime is guilty of giving its heroes last-minute powers to even the odds in a fight, from Izuku Midoriya’s inexplicable 1,000,000% Smash to the contrived power of friendship in Fairy Tail. Then there’s Bleach, which built a career on giving out last-minute power boosts.

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The examples are too many to name. In fight after fight, the villain has the upper hand, only for heroes like Ichigo, Rukia, Yumichika, and even Toshiro to suddenly obtain or decide to use a power no one saw coming and win the fight with it. Unfortunately, the upcoming Bleach season will do a lot of that, too.

3 Bleach Has Unfriendly Shipping Wars

Many popular anime series involve friendly debates about the shipping or even waifus, but in Bleach‘s case, the debate can get pretty ugly. The most popular pairing is Ichigo/Rukia, but the canon story opted for Ichigo/Orihime and Rukia/Renji instead, which infuriated many fans.

It’s tough to rewatch or reread Bleach and not be reminded that many angry fans out there are still yelling at each other, or at author Tite Kubo, because of all this. Seeing Ichigo and Orihime get together on the screen may be tough for some fans to handle if they aren’t happy with how the story ended.

2 Lots Of Canon Fights Feel Like Filler

Even some of the battles in the canon Bleach story feel like filler, and that’s not a good sign. Dedicated fans will always remember fights like Ichigo vs. Byakuya or Ichigo vs. Grimmjow, but the main story is also padded with fights that didn’t even need to happen.

It’s awkward to look back at fights that existed only to give side characters like Lieutenant Shuhei Hisagi and Momo Hinamori something to do. The story arcs in Naruto and MHA tend to have fewer and better fights, which makes for a better narrative overall. Unfortunately, Bleach couldn’t resist giving absolutely everyone a chance to fight just to give characters a chance to show off.

1 Chad And Orihime Often Got Sidelined

It’s true that many shonen hero squads end up having a weakest member, but even then, Bleach seemed determined to make the characters Orihime Inoue and Chad the weakest. Ichigo is hugely powerful, of course, and his Quincy friend Uryu Ishida was pretty strong as well, as are Rukia and Renji.

Then there’s Orihime, who is often called useless, just like Sakura Haruno in Naruto, which is not a good sign. And while Chad is a cool person, he loses every fight that even slightly matters, and he soon felt irrelevant in later story arcs. Fans can only hope that the new story arc changes that.

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