10 Things The Anime Does Better Than The Manga

For many people, anime is superior to manga in many ways. In the Naruto anime, it’s a nice change for fans to see colors instead of black drawings, the animation of favorite characters, and to experience the voice acting. Viewers especially admire the detailed fights in the anime, as the poses and movements the characters show are the real movements from martial arts.

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In the Naruto anime, a lot of interesting stories are shown compared to the manga; the manga has no fillers at all and there aren’t many flashbacks. The anime shows each character’s story in-depth, so it is captivating for fans to watch.

10 Revealing Characters & Showing The Story Of Their Life

There are no fillers in the Naruto manga which poses issues for fans to know each character’s story. There are a lot of decent shinobi in Konoha, and it’s gratifying for fans to learn the history of these characters.

The Naruto anime especially features the characters’ childhoods — how they were friends and helped each other but didn’t pay attention to Naruto. In the filler episodes, not only are Naruto’s peers showcased, but also the pasts of the adult shinobi. Furthermore, with the help of additional stories, the viewers become more attached particular characters.

9 Hinata’s Confession Of Love When Fighting Against Pain

When Pain came to find Naruto in Konoha, everyone stood up to fight against the enemy. In the anime, this event has a much stronger impact on the viewer than in the manga. The difference is that Pain’s attack was more impressive because of the soundtrack and the long battles. There are flashbacks and fillers in the anime that explain the behavior of the characters in great detail.

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In the Naruto manga, the scene where Hinata confesses her love to Naruto was incredibly short, while in the anime she fought with all her might against Pain, taking unprecedented damage from him while freeing Naruto at the same time. Because of Hinata’s behavior and heartbreaking confession, the scene in the anime was much more emotional.

8 Flashbacks Make Viewers Care More About The Characters

The Naruto anime is famous for the large quantity of flashbacks compared to the manga. A lot of characters have their own histories during intense situations and viewers see flashbacks that make them feel more connected to the characters.

Flashbacks are particularly important in Naruto when shown during sad scenes because then fans can feel the depth of the situation and empathize with the characters. Flashbacks are significant not only to show a character’s past, but also to let the viewer know the meaning of the characters’ lives, goals, and desires.

7 Madara Single-Handedly Attacks The Shinobi Alliance

A fan-favorite scene in the Naruto anime is the war of the Shinobi Alliance against Madara. It’s a battle that was more captivating in the anime compared to the manga because of the art style. Each of Madara’s attacks were as detailed as possible and the blows were very similar to the real movements of the martial arts masters.

The first of Madara’s attacks, where he killed a lot of shinobi using taijutsu, stands out to fans. In the Naruto anime, viewers can see all the majesty of Madara as he single-handedly defeats all the shinobi.

6 Brilliant Japanese Voice Acting

One of the great things about the Naruto anime is the voice acting. Junko Takeuchi voiced Naruto for many years; her voice brought Naruto to life. She was able to control her voice so well that in sad scenes, Naruto’s performance brought the audience to tears.

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The voice acting in the Naruto anime works well to bring the animation to life. The actors’ voices satisfy audiences with their uniqueness and professionalism.

5 Stretching The Pleasure Of Watching Intense Scenes

In the Naruto anime, all the fights are much longer than in the manga. When the characters fight each other, viewers can see their past. It is interesting for the audience to see the motivations of the characters. With the help of additional information and a beautiful story, the audience sees not only the battle but also the reason for its occurrence.

It is especially important that after seeing the past and the motivation of the characters, the audience begins to worry more about them. The creators of the Naruto anime drew the fights in great detail, using movements that are used in many combat sports.

4 Bringing Characters To Live With Help Of Animation

Many fans enjoy seeing the animations compared to the static images in the Naruto manga. Fans appreciate the stunning job Studio Pierrot did on the Naruto anime. The animation demonstrates how accurately fights can be produced, as every fighting move is taken from real martial arts.

Fans are also amazed to see the animation of the characters’ expressions; each expression hints at what the character will do next.

3 Naruto’s Last Battle Against Sasuke

The final battle between Naruto and Sasuke impressed fans with its large scale. Audiences appreciate the care that the creators took when developing this battle. The manga battle is less impressive because Sasuke’s techniques are not so catastrophically strong as in the anime.

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Sound and flashbacks complement each other add nuance to the battle. In the Naruto anime, viewers can see a lot of emotions in the faces of the characters.

2 Everything Is In Color Unlike The Manga

There are many reasons why manga is black and white, and most of them are about deadline and price. Price is important for manga authors because there is a huge price difference when the manga is drawn in different colors. The deadlines that authors get from the publishing companies should be considered. Authors have to pay careful attention to each page. Everything in the Naruto anime has its own colors, making it lively. Fans can easily identify objects and enjoy the rich color.

1 Music That Evokes Emotion

Fans of the Naruto anime know that the soundtrack is top-notch. Music can enhance the emotion in essential scenes, like when Naruto’s difficult childhood was shown.

Music can also be used to add comedic elements to certain scenes, such as when Naruto fools around with his friends. Naruto’s soundtrack helps fans get more into the story and appreciate the characters.

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