10 Strongest Anime Villains Demon Slayer’s Tanjiro Could Defeat

Demon Slayer is an action/adventure anime that fits the “monster hunter” theme, with uniformed, well-armed professionals fighting the creatures of the night, or demons. The kind Tanjiro Kamado is one such demon slayer, a boy with a sharp nose, the water breathing style, and the fierce will to slay demons if it means protecting his little sister.

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Thus far, he’s slain plenty of demons. If Tanjiro need to face all-new threats, and he’d need the full power of water breathing and even Hinokami Kagura to win. There are plenty of villains from other anime that Tanjiro could defeat if he didn’t hold anything back.

10 Kyoya Tachibana Can’t Match Tanjiro’s Blade (That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime)

Kyoya Tachibana is one of several otherworldly characters to appear in Reincarnated as a Slime, with Kyoya and his allies Kirara and Shogo fighting on behalf of the antagonistic kingdom of Falmuth. Kyoya fancies himself a master swordsman with his all-seeing eye, but he lacks genuine skill or talent.

This means that Tanjiro, who trained for years to master the sword, has the upper hand. That, combined with Tanjiro’s ability to sniff out an opponent’s weakness, will allow him to fight his way through Kyoya’s all-seeing defenses and behead him.

9 Magne’s Technique Is Full Of Holes (My Hero Academia)

In a larger-scale battle, the League of Villains member Magne can wreak havoc by magnetically attracting men and women to disorient the enemy or make them vulnerable to Magne’s allies. In single combat, meanwhile, Magne is a fierce melee fighter, but Tanjiro can handle that.

Magne can’t sniff out an opponent’s vulnerabilities, but Tanjiro can, and he can use that to his advantage. At some point, Magne will be left vulnerable, and Tanjiro can take his chance to skewer Magne with his nichirin sword and claim victory.

8 Hyoga Can’t Handle Tanjiro’s Technique (Dr. Stone)

The power levels in Dr. Stone are low compared to those of other shonen series, since the characters have no magic and limited technology. Even so, Senku Ishigami’s worst enemies are quite talented and deadly in Stone Age battles, including the spear-wielding Hyoga.

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Hyoga is nearly untouchable with his spear, and he can use it in unexpected ways to disorient, then kill, his foes. Tanjiro might take a blow or two in this fight, but soon enough, he’ll find Hyoga’s weakness and finish him with a basic water breathing technique.

7 Mariah Won’t Trick Tanjiro So Easily (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Some Stand users would prove impossible for Tanjiro to vanquish, with DIO the vampire and Sportsmax being two notable examples. However, some Stand users rely on trickery to win, and Tanjiro is not so easily fooled, especially with his keen sense of smell.

Mariah uses her Stand, named Bastet, to trick people into touching a false electrical socket and become human magnets. Mariah’s victims become crushed or buried under all the metal items attracted to them, but Tanjiro won’t let that happen. He can corner and finish off Mariah with ease.

6 Zaku Abumi Can’t Block Tanjiro’s Blade (Naruto)

Some Sound Village ninjas are too strong for Tanjiro to defeat, such as Kimimaro Kaguya, but the Sound genin are easy pickings for Tanjiro and his trusty Nichirin sword. One example is Zaku, a punkish Sound genin who challenged Rock Lee, Sasuke, and Shino during the Chunin Exams.

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Zaku is an accomplished taijutsu user and can emit powerful sound waves from his hands, but he tends to get cocky in battle. The first chance Tanjiro gets, he’ll move at lightning speed, too fast for Zaku to follow. Then Tanjiro can dispatch Zaku up close with a single strike.

5 Kenny Ackerman Would Underestimate Tanjiro’s Skill (Attack On Titan)

Tanjiro would stand no chance against any of the nine Titan Shifters, such as Reiner’s Armored Titan or Lara Tybur’s War Hammer Titan. However, Tanjiro would stand a much better chance against Levi Ackerman’s villainous uncle Kenny, though he’ll have to be careful against this villain.

Tanjiro must stay alert and on guard if this fight takes place in a forest or urban environment, where Kenny can use his ODM gear. Tanjiro can still smell him, though, and he can block any of Kenny’s sword strikes. Eventually, Tanjiro will sniff out Kenny’s opening thread and land a mortal blow on this fast-moving villain.

4 Askeladd Lacks A Breathing Technique (Vinland Saga)

Askeladd is a Viking commander who wields a sword with deadly skill and grace in battle, and he has survived countless brushes with death when fighting Englishmen and other foes. He can take out dozens of armed soldiers all on his own, and he can even stand up to the mighty Thors himself.

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Tanjiro is a different kind of swordsman, the kind with advanced breathing techniques and a sharp nose to match. Try as he might, Askeladd cannot match Tanjiro’s moves, and once the opening thread shows itself, Askeladd’s doom is certain.

3 Motoyasu Kitamura Is Facing A New Kind Of Sword Hero (The Rising Of The Shield Hero)

For a time, the official Spear Hero, the obnoxious Motoyasu Kitamura, was a villain who opposed Naofumi Iwatani the Shield Hero at every turn. Motoyasu is excellent on the offensive with his powerful spears, but if princess Malty isn’t there to back him up, he’s in trouble when facing Tanjiro.

Motoyasu has never seen a breathing technique before, and the original Sword Hero, Ren Amaki, can’t do what Tanjiro does. It won’t be easy, but Tanjiro can fight evenly against Motoyasu, then use either the opening thread or Hinokami Kagura to finish the fight.

2 Kureo Mado Is Too Slow To Defeat Tanjiro (Tokyo Ghoul)

The veteran ghoul hunter Kureo Mado shines when he fights most ghouls. He has memorized how each of the four kagune types operate in battle, and he has a large collection of his own quinques. The thing is, he’s much less used to fighting his fellow humans.

Kureo is a tough match for Tanjiro, but in the end, Tanjiro can win this fight. His breathing techniques and Hinokami Kagura can destroy Kureo’s quinques with enough force, and then Tanjiro can follow the opening thread to finish Kureo off before he can retreat.

1 Shin’s Fists Can’t Block Hinokami Kagura (Fist Of The North Star)

The deadly martial artist named Shin is nearly a match for the classic shonen hero Kenshiro, and he may also have partially inspired Dio Brando’s design in JoJo‘s. At any rate, Shin is a formidable opponent even for Tanjiro, but he’s more used to fighting his fellow martial artists rather than swordsmen.

Tanjiro’s best techniques should keep him safe from Shin’s wrath, and the opening thread is the key. If Tanjiro can combine that with Hinokami Kagura, then he stands a real chance of finally taking Shin’s head right off to save the day.

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