10 Darkest Female Anime Characters, Ranked

Anime’s best female heroes inspire the audience every time they’re on screen because of how they carry themselves and stand proud against adversity. Some are shonen heroes who bravely stand on the frontlines and ward off the despicable villains. Others are shojo queens who prove that kindness is always cool.

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However, there are plenty of anime women who are nothing short of walking red flags. These characters completely turned to the dark side and never looked back. Some became obsessive yanderes whose love becomes violent at the drop of a hat, while others are complicated antiheroes who drive the story.

10 Ai Enma Roams The Earth As A Vengeful Spirit (Hell Girl)

Ai Enma from Hell Girl became a vengeful spirit after the other village folk burned her alive when she was seven. They wrongfully accused Ai and her family of causing the local famine because they lived near the harvest in the mountains. Plenty of anime characters have tragic backstories that explain their villainous deeds, but Ai’s definitely takes the cake as one of the worst.

After returning as an evil spirit, Ai burnt the entire village to a crisp and killed all the civilians. Now, she’s fated to spend her entire afterlife being called the “Hell Girl” as punishment for her crime. Ai’s current profession is dragging children’s souls to hell, regardless of whether they deserve it.

9 Junko Enoshima Wants To Spread Doom & Gloom (Danganronpa)

Junko Enoshima from Danganronpa is undoubtedly one of anime’s cruelest villains. She started the Killing Games, a death game in which participants could only escape after killing someone without getting caught. If the killer gets caught, they’re subjected to a brutal execution.

Junko has a very twisted view of reality and is obsessed with despair. She often rages about how she wants to fill the world with nothing but doom and gloom. Junko loves playing with people’s heads by forcing them to make awful life-or-death decisions. Her reign of terror was only brought to an end after she executed herself while eerily cackling.

8 Yuno Looks Like An Average Schoolgirl, But She’s A Cold Blooded Killer (Future Diary)

Yuno Gasai is the perfect embodiment of the yandere archetype. She comes off like the average schoolgirl with an outgoing disposition. However, first impressions aren’t everything. As Future Diary progressed, fans soon learned just how sick and twisted Yuno truly was.

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Yuno is a merciless killer who doesn’t care who she needs to bump off as long as she and her crush, Yukiteru, survive the death game. She also stalks Yukiteru using a supernatural diary that gives her a glimpse into his future. Yuno, of course, uses this to kill anybody who wants to hurt Yukiteru.

7 Lucy Has A Dual Personality & Isn’t Afraid Of Resorting To Violence (Elfen Lied)

At first, Lucy from Elfen Lied seems like a girl next door. She’s sweet, friendly, and doesn’t look like she could even hurt a fly. However, she has a dual personality, and there’s way more than what initially meets the eye with her.

Lucy becomes a heartless killer at the drop of a hat. Her merciless side is constantly playing tug of war with her kinder half, making her one of anime’s scariest protagonists. Some argue that Lucy’s dual personality can be chalked up to all the trauma she endured as a child. Still, many of her actions are inexcusable.

6 Megumi Shimizu Is An Undead Yandere (Shiki)

Megumi Shimizu from Shiki is one of anime’s most fearsome yanderes who ritualistically stalks her crush, Natsuno. Megumi is a shiki, a reanimated corpse possessed by a dead spirit. They’re vampiric since they can only survive on human blood.

Megumi even cared about Natsuno when she was a human, but used her newfound undead form to watch him through his windows. She murdered everyone who got too close to Natsuno for her liking. However, the villagers eventually caught up with her and stabbed her in the chest with wooden stakes.

5 Kotonoha Katsura Is Obsessed With Makoto (School Days)

Makoto from School Days definitely wins the “worst boyfriend of the year” award. He literally slept with every girl in his school and then acted surprised when he had to deal with a harem. Almost all the girls he slept with got wildly obsessed with him. Few, however, can compare to Kotonoha Katsura.

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Kotonoha was Makoto’s original girlfriend. Before meeting him, Kotonoha was a total loner with no social life, so she was instantly attached. This resulted in violent jealousy and she isn’t afraid to kill anyone if she thinks they’re trying to “steal” Makoto from her.

4 Rika Became The Queen Of Curses After Getting Killed In A Horrible Accident (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Jujutsu Kaisen’s Rika Orimoto was Yuta Okkotsu’s childhood sweetheart. Unfortunately, she was killed in a terrible car accident and came back as a special grade vengeful cursed spirit. Rika is one of the scariest curses in Jujutsu Kaisen, not only because of her menacing appearance, but thanks to her immeasurable levels of cursed energy.

After news of her existence broke, the upper echelons of jujutsu society immediately deemed her a threat. If it weren’t for Gojo, Yuta would have been executed just because Rika was haunting him. Rika can copy others’ cursed techniques, fight alongside Yuta, and destroy other curses with her bare hands.

3 Rize Kamishiro Tortures Her Victims Before Eating Them (Tokyo Ghoul)

Rize Kamishiro from Tokyo Ghoul played a major role in Kaneki’s turn to the dark side. Not only were her organs translated into Kaneki, turning him into a half-ghoul, but she remained in his psyche and pushed him over the edge during his torture.

While alive, Rize was a cruel monster who tortured her victims before eating them. She had a huge appetite and never got bored watching people squirm in fear before they became her next meal. Rize may look like the average bookworm, but looks can be deceiving.

2 Toga Is The League Of Villains’ Resident Bloodthirsty Yandere (My Hero Acaemia)

My Hero Academia’s Toga Himiko isn’t a vampire, but she’s still a bloodthirsty villain whose Quirk requires her to drink someone else’s blood. She’s the ultimate yandere, complete with a totally deceiving cheerful schoolgirl appearance. Though she’s just a teenager, Toga was forced to go rogue and hide from the authorities after she attacked a classmate with a box cutter and started drinking his blood with a straw.

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Toga has a very warped perspective of love and seemingly equates bloodshed with friendship. She also believes that the best way to change the world is to simply get rid of everything she doesn’t like.

1 Makima Is The Manipulative & Cruel Control Devil (Chainsaw Man)

Makima’s true identity isn’t officially revealed until the end of Chainsaw Man, but fans knew that something wasn’t quite right with her from the jump. She was almost too friendly and eerily calm most of the time. Her flirtatious behavior towards Denji quickly turned into stringing along a naive teenage boy for her own gain.

Makima is manipulative, cruel, and terrifying. As the Control Devil, her goal was to take advantage of Denji, break his mind, and take advantage of the Chainsaw Devil, Pochita, who fused with his heart. Makima said that her goal was to create her ideal world without death and suffering, but some believe that was just an attempt to romanticize her true objective.

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