10 Best Video Game Universes To Live In, According To Reddit

Video games, from the recently released RPG Stray to the much-awaited action God of War Ragnarök, provide players with expansive worlds where they can escape and live a new life. Some games allow players to create their own characters and make their own fate, while others offer an interactive and immersive story that players can loosely follow.

Some game developers have created video game universes that have utopian characteristics. On the social media website Reddit, users have discussed some of the top video game universes that they would like to live in.


10 PokémonIf Not A Hard Mode, Pokémon At Least Deserves Better Endgame Content

Fans of the Pokémon franchise know that there are so many things they can do in its universe. Apart from being a trainer and achieving the ultimate title of a Pokémon champion, gamers can also explore the expansive regions in the game, from the sunny and tropical scenery of Alola to the swanky metropolitan areas of Unova. Players can also form a strong bond with their Pokémon and join the game’s numerous ribbon contests.

Redditor Foxprowl expresses their strong desire to live in the Pokémon universe by saying that they “don’t care which region” they find themselves in. That’s because no matter where they go, they get to access free healthcare via the Pokémon centers, meet supportive and kind people, and always know that everyone honors Pokémon trainer and battle rules.

9 Mass EffectMale Shepard with an explosion behind him in Mass Effect 1.

Despite having to face off against a nefarious alien race known as the Reapers, gamers might find it fun to live in the Mass Effect universe. For one, they can meet people coming from different planets and alien races as the whole Milky Way galaxy is accessible to them.

On Reddit, kvstud emphasizes that they’d like to live in the Mass Effect universe as they think that “space travel” is cool. What’s more, gamers can choose from hundreds of different exciting careers in the Mass Effect universe, which includes a space captain, a secret agent, and a space marine.

8 EVE OnlineEve Online Ships Poster

EVE Online is one of the most expansive MMORPGs available for gamers today. Gamers living in its universe would surely find it a challenge to get bored as they can visit about 7,800 star systems and do various activities such as fighting other gamers, exploring new worlds, manufacturing new items, and looting various facilities and buildings.

What’s more, Redditor FalseCape notes that citizens of the EVE Online universe are basically immortals thanks to the “beauty of cloning”. So even if they “die a thousand horrible deaths”, they know that their consciousness will only transfer to another body, and they can go ahead and explore the organically crafted world of EVE Online.

7 Animal CrossingAnimal Crossing New Horizons Game Deep Sea Fishing

Living a quaint and peaceful life is a dream for many of us. That’s why some gamers would prefer to start fresh and live a new life in the Animal Crossing universe. In Animal Crossing, players find themselves in a village with anthropomorphic animals who have different personalities such as peppy, jock, and normal. Aside from interacting with the villagers, gamers can do serene and laid back activities in the Animal Crossing world such as farming, fishing, and bug catching.

Reddit user Duckie17 sums up the Animal Crossing experience as a world where players can “be extremely lazy” but still “make enough money to live quite comfortably”. And for a lot of folks, that sounds like a dream.

6 MinecraftMinecraft Recreated In Minecraft Redstone Fan Build

The procedurally generated environment of Minecraft might not be ideal for gamers who don’t want unexpected surprises, such as spawning in an undesirable biome. However, the blocky world can be a delightful place to live in. During the daytime, the world of Minecraft holds almost no dangers to gamers and they can peacefully gather resources to build a home or go on a thrilling adventure.

In a Reddit thread, fabledman says that they’d like to live in the Minecraft universe because it has “cheap housing”, “no food taxes”, and “pig riding”. As long as they find the right weapons to fend off hostile mobs and build a fortified home, gamers living in the Minecraft universe can expect a mostly peaceful life.

The Elder Scrolls universe is not for the faint-hearted. In the dark corners of Tamriel, players can find mischievous and terrifying creatures such as werewolves, vampires, and witches. However, those who have a knack for adventure might want to spend their time in Tamriel and hone their magical and physical abilities.

A Reddit user named TheReverendIsHr says that they see themselves living in The Elder Scrolls universe, not as an adventurer, but as someone with “a boring job” like a “farmer”. Despite the many dangers that Tamriel has in store for gamers, it also allows for a restful and relaxing life for gamers who are satisfied not chasing adrenaline-filled adventures.

4 Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is one of the best tactical RPGs of all time. Set in the magical world of Ivalice, gamers who happen to live in the Final Fantasy Tactics Advance universe can pursue interesting classes and careers, such as soldier, ninja, hunter, gadgeteer, alchemist, or bishop.

Apart from the numerous career possibilities the Ivalice has in store for gamers, Reddit user Zenryhao adds that Ivalice also “sounds like a really chill place” as players get to go on “adventures with a group of friends”, as long as what they do is not forbidden by the law set by the Judges.

3 BorderlandsBorderlands 2 FPS video game

Pandora, the planet where the Borderlands universe is primarily set, is designed to be a prison for an intergalactic alien known as The Destroyer. While Pandora is undoubtedly a dangerous place, it also is home to a vault that’s believed to store power, money, alien technology, and fame.

Gamers who want to achieve fame and glory might strongly consider living in the Borderlands universe and fighting alongside memorable characters like Claptrap, Maya, and Athena. But for Redditor OfTheHive, they want to live in the Borderlands world because “there’s a reasonable expectation to be respawned when killed”. That means that no matter how dangerous their mission is, they can expect to respawn at the nearest New-U Station.

2 Skies Of ArcadiaCharacter artwork from Skies of Arcadia.

For some gamers, the dream life entails so much more than just exploring solid ground. Those who want to have adventures up in the air should check out what Skies of Arcadia has to offer. The game is set in a world where there’s no solid ground and instead, people reside on islands that float in the endless sky.

Reddit user Daffodil-11Swain expresses their desire to live in the Skies of Arcadia universe by commenting how it would be awesome to live on “a floating island in the sky” with their own ship. The Arcadian skies also hold a lot of adventures for those who seek it, as players can explore maze-like dungeons that reward them with treasures and powerful items.

1 Katamari DamacyKatamari Damacy Reroll

As an NPC, it would be terrifying to live in the Katamari Damacy universe as the celestial bodies in the galaxy have been suddenly destroyed by a god-like entity. However, it would be an absolute joy to be the katamari-wielding prince in the Katamari Damacy universe.

In the game, players assume the role of a prince who has to repair the damages caused by his father by using a katamari to attract various items, enlarge them, and then use them to recreate the destroyed celestial bodies. Redditor SupermanMJ wants to be the prince in order to create a world out of food, “primarily tacos and ice cream”. Gamers who find themselves in the shoes of the prince are free to do what they want and recreate the universe with whatever item they desire.

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