10 Best Secrets & Easter Eggs in The Game

Despite drawing unimpressive reviews upon its release on August 23, 2022, the reboot of Saints Row is loaded with hilarious secrets and hidden Easter eggs for players to discover. What’s extra cool about Saints Row is how players can also collect many of the Easter eggs by simply taking a picture of them after finding them in the most unexpected locations.

Whether it’s poking fun at other video games or making amusing references to some of the most iconic movies and TV shows on record, discovering the most memorable secret Easter Eggs in Saints Row makes the reboot worth playing.


10 Minecraft/Among Us Mashup

Saints Row 2022 has a slew of sneaky and cheeky video game references, be it the Saints of Rage arcade game that lampoons Streets of Rage or the large Zohar from the Xenosaga series that can be found in the desert. However, none top the hilariously hidden Minecraft and Among Us mashup found behind a brick wall.

Located in Old Town West, an unpainted brick portion of a wall can be broken through to reveal three boxy Minecraft-like characters holding knives who cordon a fourth lying on the ground with a knife in its back. The image is a clear nod to both Minecraft and Among Us, fusing family-friendly and horror game imagery with startlingly amusing results. Some even think it’s a nod to Julius Caesar, which is even funnier.

9 Pennywise’s Red Balloons

While the airbrushed images of four turtles etched atop a sewer grate are a subtle nod to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the appearance of Pennywise’s red balloon in the sewers from the mega-popular horror movie It is a much scarier and more memorable Easter egg in the highly anticipated PS5 game.

Located near Lake Sebastian on the map, the mortifying image of a single blood-red balloon hovering in the sewage way instills instant terror in players who come across it. Denoting imminent danger whenever it appears in the movie as well as the game, the reference to the famous Stephen King novel and adapted horror movie is as iconic as they come.

8 The Three Amigos’ Singing Bush

One of the funniest hidden Easter eggs in the popular open-world 2022 game can be found in Badlands South in Kavanaugh County Territory. Just a few feet away from the aforesaid Ninja Turtles homage, players will happen upon a ridiculous singing bush flanked by a trio of people adorned in black and red outfits with their arms raised in the air.

A clear reference to the scene in Three Amigos in which Ned, Dusty, and Lucky encounter a singing bush in the desert (voiced by singer Randy Newman), the shrubbery in the game even sings in a boozy high-pitched lilt and has a discolored appearance nearly identical to the one in the movie.

7 Hannibal Voorhees

Horror movie fans are sure to get an amusing kick out of the secret location in Saints Row that finds Friday the 13th‘s Jason Voorhees and The Silence of the Lambs‘ Hannibal Lector blow-up dolls sharing a bottle of Chianti. Also found in Badlands South, players can locate the Easter egg by running past the “Road Closed” sign near the construction zone.

Aside from Hannibal’s favorite bottle of Tuscan wine, players can notice how Jason sports his trademark hockey mask while Hannibal wears what appears to be a woman’s face, with both sporting the iconic blood-smeared image of Hannibal’s police victim splayed in the jail cell in The Silence of the Lambs.

6 Thor’s Hammer

Comic book fans and gamers would likely want to wield Thor’s almighty Hammer, The Mjolnir. Saints Row gives players the opportunity to do just that if they have what it takes to locate the cool clandestine Easter egg in Badlands South.

Located atop a rock in a desert pit, Thor’s Mjolnir can be found, obtained, and even used as a weapon in the game under the right circumstances. Perhaps the most amusing aspect of the Mjolnir is its description, which stipulates that “Only a Chris Can Lift It,” referencing how Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans are the only ones to wield the hammer in the MCU.

5 Mel Brooks Movies

At least two wildly entertaining references to Mel Brooks’ hilarious spoof movies can be found in Saints Row. If players traverse the desert in Badlands North, they will eventually come across a campfire encircled by several blow-up cowboy dolls. After a few ticks, the dolls will begin a flatulent gas storm redolent of the classic farting scene in Brooks’ western parody Blazing Saddles. It’s so random players can’t help but chuckle.

In the desert located in Badlands South, a giant hair comb lying in plain sight is a nod to Brooks’ beloved sci-fi lampoon Spaceballs. In the film, Darth Helmet orders his men to comb the desert for clues to Lonestar’s whereabouts, with his men taking his directions way too literally by using a massive hair comb to rake over the desert sand.

4 Paul Walker’s Fast & Furious Car

While it doesn’t spawn in every playthrough, if players are patient, they can find the badass green 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse driven by Paul Walker’s character Brian O’Conner in the original Fast and the Furious movie. Located in the Mercado area of the map, the vehicle is one of Saints Row‘s fastest and most exciting thanks to its full nitrous burn capabilities and awesome ejector seat signature ability.

Of course, the sentimental value of the Easter egg comes as a stark reminder of the talent and the cinematic loss the world suffered with Walker’s untimely passing, giving the find a tender and touching subtext that those who find and use the car will never forget.

3 Underground UFO From The Thing

For whatever reason, a slew of UFOs can be found in Saints Row. A crashed UFO in a stream can be found in Rojas Desert South, which many gamers have claimed is a reference to the similar-looking spacecraft to Cryptosporidium in the game Destroy All Humans.

In Rojas Desert North, an even cooler UFO found underground beneath a wooden shack is an overt homage to John Carpenter’s The Thing, in which McReady and his men find a similar subterranean spacecraft of unknown origin. Of course, since Santo Ileso is located in the American southwest, the UFOs are a larger reference to Roswell, New Mexico, and Area 51, two of the most infamous locations known for strange phenomena.

2 Doctor Who’s TARDIS

Easily one of the coolest Easter eggs to find in Saints Row, Doctor Who‘s iconic TARDIS time machine can be located in Old Town West. However, what really makes the find so funny is how the name has been changed to “TURDIS” with the color of the time machine resembling a teal Port-a-Potty.

Moreover, with the bent yet functional antenna atop the phone booth harnessing electrical energy, many have claimed the “TURDIS” is also a reference to Bill and Ted’s notorious time machine and the broken antenna they repaired in the original movie with wadded-up gum. Two references for the price of one, the “TURDIS” is doubly amusing to find in the game.

1 The Monolith From 2001: A Space Odyssey

With all due deference to the giant playable Jenga tower and non-collectible Zohar, the mysterious monolith from Stanley Kubrick’s landmark 2001: A Space Odyssey is arguably the most memorable secret to uncover in Saints Row due to the fact it doubles as an instructional riddle.

Located in the desert of Badlands South, players will happen upon a giant monolithic structure (black at night, silver in day) surrounded by floating rocks. On the back of the structure, a written riddle is presented. When players solve the riddle, directions will be given to find the aforementioned underground UFO from The Thing. Aside from the cinematic connective tissue, the themes of human evolution and cosmic mystery suggest Saints Row is actually much deeper than one might think at first.

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