10 Best Off-Screen Battles In Anime

One of the things that makes the most popular anime what they are today is the incredible battles they present to their audience. Anime characters often flaunt their powers through amazing displays of strength, which results in some of the most beautiful, emotional battles on TV.

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Besides these often visually stunning anime battles, there are battles that were only heard of and not actually displayed on screen for audiences. There’s just something beautiful about the mystery of unseen battles. Fights like these usually leave the audience’s imaginations running wild as they try to picture in their minds just how the battle was fought.

10 Gildart’s Battle With Acnologia Had A Shocking Outcome (Fairy Tail)

In Fairy Tail, Acnologia and Gildart’s powers are legendary. While Acnologia is known to be the most powerful creature alive, Gildarts was known as the most powerful wizard in Fiore, and Fairy Tail’s ace. They both wield incredible power so a battle between them is bound to be nothing but epic.

Gildarts once went in search of the Black Dragon to slay it. The dragon attacked him with immense power, and Gildarts was no match. He lost his left arm and leg to Acnologia, and he was lucky just to make it out alive. Gildarts is the first human to ever battle the mighty dragon and live to talk about it.

9 Reiner Was Simply No Match For Zeke (Attack On Titan)

Titan Shifters are people with the power to turn into one of the Nine Titans. Zeke inherited the power of the Beast Titan, while Reiner inherited the Armored Titan. Before Zeke and Reiner sparred, viewers had already witnessed the incredible power of Reiner’s Armored Titan.

Zeke’s power had barely been known at this point, so it was amazing to see that he’d seemingly defeated Reiner easily. Before an anime character’s full strength is displayed, hints like this help increase the anticipation of witnessing said character’s strength. Most times, the wait is worth it.

8 Veldora Fought Chloe At His Full Strength & Still Lost (That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime)

Shortly after being reincarnated into another world as a slime monster, Rimuru encountered the dragon, Veldora, who was sealed away after his battle with the hero, Chloe. Later on, it was said that Veldora is among some of the most powerful beings in the world, and his name is feared almost everywhere.

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This drew the audience’s attention back to the hero who supposedly defeated him and sealed him away, despite Veldora fighting at his full strength. She had to have been immensely powerful to disgrace the Tempest Dragon the way she did.

7 Meliodas Has Fought Mael In The Past (Seven Deadly Sins)

It’s no question that Meliodas is the strongest character in Seven Deadly Sins. Despite his strength, it was said that Mael, the most powerful Archangel, was on par with Meliodas. Apparently, they both battled each other sometime in the past. Considering the incredible power they both possess, this battle ought to have been something to behold.

This battle took place during the Holy War, a time when Meliodas was even more feared among the Goddess Race than even the Demon King himself. The same could be said about Mael’s reputation among the Demon Race.

6 Zenitsu’s Battles During Final Selection (Demon Slayer)

Zenitsu is by far the most cowardly Demon Slayer anyone can come across. He screams in terror at the mere thought of demons. When his fear is at its peak, Zenitsu passes out. In this unconscious state, Zenitsu becomes a foe to be feared. His blistering speed catches demons by surprise every time.

Zenitsu was seen after the final selection, where he was among only five people to survive the exam. Seeing how he battles demons, it’s easy to assume that he slept through the final selection. Fans would have loved to see him fight, but some things are best left unseen.

5 Mereoleona & Fuegoleon Have Had An Epic Clash (Black Clover)

Mereoleona and Fuegoleon are two siblings of the house of Vermillion. Their power is astounding as they are among the most powerful mages in the Clover Kingdom. Mereoleona is arguably more powerful than her younger brother, but that didn’t stop Fuegoleon from challenging her.

Their battle nearly leveled the entire Vermillion Estate, as they both held nothing back against each other. The battle was ferocious enough to give the day it took place a name. That day came to be called the Tuesday Of Blood And Flames.

4 All Might’s First Battle With All For One Must’ve Been Riveting (My Hero Academia)

All Might is known to be the most powerful hero ever, and All For One was the series’ most sinister antagonist. All Might has displayed his incredible strength numerous times, but one of his battles makes the ones he’s had so far look like a joke.

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He has battled All For One for all the world to see, and he won, proving that even with his injuries he was still leaps and bounds ahead of the other heroes in terms of strength. However, his previous battle with All For One was not seen, and that one was by far his toughest. He gravely injured All For One, but he didn’t walk away without his own memento of the battle.

3 Tengen Lost His Left Wrist To Gyutaro (Demon Slayer)

Tengen’s battle with Gyutaro is one of the best battles in anime history in the last two decades. Being an Upper-Rank Demon, Gyutaro was a very tough opponent to be sure. He may have lost the fight, but not without putting yet another Hashira out of commission.

During Tengen’s battle with this powerful demon, Tengen was able to save Tanjiro and take the fight someplace else. While Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke fought Daki, Tengen was busy getting beaten by Gyutaro. By the time the audience saw Tengen again, his left wrist had been severed.

2 William Vangeance Battled Zenon Zogratis (Black Clover)

Willaim is a gentle and kind person, but he can become aggressive when the situation calls for it. When Zenon attacked the Golden Dawn’s headquarters, William knew it was up to him to save his subordinates. He couldn’t fight with his full strength though, because while he fought Zenon, he also had to protect his comrades.

This divided attention was what led to his capture. William is among the few Black Clover characters that fans haven’t seen going all out in a fight. His battle with Zenon would have been perfect to showcase his strength. Unfortunately, fans will have to wait to see him really battle an opponent.

1 Monk Gyatso Took Down Several Firebender Before Falling Himself (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Firelord Sozin launched an attack on the Air Nomads because he knew that the next Avatar was to be an airbender. He attacked them during the arrival of the comet that was later renamed “Sozin’s Comet,” when the firebenders’ powers was at its peak. Even with this enormous boost in power, many firebenders fell to Monk Gyatso during the attack.

Gyatso had to have been one of the most skilled benders alive at the time if he was able to pull that off. The battle must’ve been epic and scary at the same time. Airbenders are known for their passiveness, but the hordes of dead firebenders surrounding Gyatso’s skeleton show that airbenders can be terrifying.

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