10 Best Mecha Anime That Don’t Deserve The Hate

Mecha is one of the most uniquely anime genres of all time. It covers a variety of topics and subgenres, from the obligatory robots to sci-fi, action, adventure, and even comedy. Some of the most popular classics come from this genre, and many still influence anime to this day. Despite its many incredible titles, mecha anime don’t always see great success.

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Even some of the best mecha series in history have received a lot of criticism over the years from fans, and some have even become infamous for their writing, animation quality, or characters. But even with these flaws, many mecha anime are still enjoyable and don’t deserve all the hate they get.

10 Macross Delta Gets Harshly Compared To Previous Titles

The Macross franchise spans many decades, and with each new addition, the series only seems to further evolve. As a result, many of the recent titles are pretty far removed from the original ’80s classic. Macross Delta gets a lot of hate from fans who feel it deviates too far from the source material.

Many compare it to the previous title, Macross Frontier, claiming this 2000s sequel is the superior of the two. While Delta is weaker in some ways, it still manages to hold up overall. It brings the franchise back to its roots while keeping things fresh with modern features that perfectly encapsulate the old and the new.

9 Date A Live’s Combination Of Harem, Fanservice, & Mecha Isn’t For Everyone

At first glance, it’s hard to believe that Date A Live is a mecha series. It looks like any other harem story, complete with a slew of cute girls and a bland male protagonist. However, this series combines these two very different genres, making for a mecha franchise unlike any other. Date A Live is very much a guilty pleasure series, and it has just as many haters as it does fans.

Its unexpected rom-com storyline and fanservice tend to turn off a lot of viewers who expected the usual sci-fi found in a mecha series. However, for those who can look past this, the series is actually a fun and enjoyable watch that adds something new to the genre.

When it was first released, Guilty Crown saw a lot of success and was considered the hot new mecha series of the time. But looking back, many have changed their tune, and the general consensus now is that it’s not nearly as good as everyone thought. This is largely due to a weak storyline that most find boring and clichéd. Many mecha fans argue that Guilty Crown simply recycles the same old mecha plots that have been around for decades, giving fans nothing new to work with.

However, though the story may not be its strong point, this series still has more going for it with its beautiful visuals, fluid animation, and exciting action. So while it may not be the most original, it’s still enjoyable and deserves more credit.

7 Magic Knight Rayearth II Adds More To The Story

Most fans agree that the first half of Magic Knight Rayearth is amazing and the story could have easily ended with just one season. However, the series continued on with Magic Knight Rayearth II, and fans were sorely disappointed. Most believe this second half was unnecessary and failed to live up to the first season in just about every way.

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While it may not compare to the first half of the series, this continuation was actually a vital part of the story, and without it, the series would be incomplete. Magic Knight Rayearth II adds more to the story and sees it come full circle.

6 The Vision Of Escaflowne Failed To Capture Audiences’ Attention

With its unique setting and creative blend of sci-fi, fantasy, and mecha, The Vision of Escaflowne should have easily been one of the most popular ’90s mecha series. However, it failed to stand out among the many other iconic series of the time.

Many mecha fans ignored it, finding little interest in the story or characters. However, this one-of-a-kind anime definitely deserves another look from fans of the genre. Many who go back and give it another watch come to see that it tells an amazing story, and they often regret not giving it the time of day before.

Though Full Metal Panic! is an iconic franchise within the mecha genre, it wasn’t always the case. The first series has received a lot of hate over the years for its primarily slice-of-life setup that focuses more on comedy and romance than action. Most mecha fans don’t look for these qualities in their anime, so it came as an unpleasant surprise to the audience.

Luckily, the later additions to the series make up for the otherwise lackluster beginning, but the original Full Metal Panic! has many great qualities still that fans shouldn’t overlook. It may not be the typical mecha series, but that’s what makes it so iconic in the end.

4 Darling In The Franxx Is Still A Worthwhile Watch Despite Its Ending

Many were hyped when Darling in the Franxx was first announced. Coming from the renowned Studio TRIGGER, it was bound to be an instant hit, and it was. Or at least, it was at first. Nowadays, most fans consider Darling in the Franxx a huge fail that disappointed mecha lovers everywhere.

With each episode, the series began to fall into a decline until it all combusted with its infamous ending that most believe ruined the entire series. But despite its not-so-epic storyline, this series is still enjoyable for what it is. Though it may not give fans everything they want, it’s still worth watching overall.

3 Neon Genesis Evangelion’s Complex Storyline Leaves Some Puzzled

Neon Genesis Evangelion is undoubtedly one of the most famous mecha series of all time. It reigned supreme as the greatest series in the genre during the ’90s, and it remains just as popular today. But though there are many who adore this series, plenty of others can’t stand it.

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This is mostly due to its complex plot and confusing conclusion. Though it keeps to the usual mecha formula for most of the story, by the end, it takes a psychological turn that some can’t handle. However, just because it’s hard to understand doesn’t mean this series is bad. In fact, many fans argue that its complexity only makes it even better.

2 The Big O Is An Underrated Classic Among The Genre

Many mecha titles fly under the radar for most anime fans, even when they’re some of the best of the genre. That’s definitely the case with the underrated classic The Big O. Many fans have passed this incredible title up, turning their attention instead towards more popular titles.

Thanks to fans’ indifference towards this unique mecha noir series, it’s almost been lost in obscurity these days. Hardly anyone acknowledges it, other than a slight recollection here and there. Though most fans have no interest in it, The Big O is a fun, stylish, and creative series that needs more love.

1 Gundam Seed’s Retelling Of 0079 Rubs Some Fans The Wrong Way

Mobile Suit Gundam Seed is a modern retelling of the franchise’s very first series. It brings back all the old characters and tells their story in a fresh, new way for old and new fans to enjoy. Of course, with any remake, it saw a fair share of backlash from long-time fans.

To this day, many still dislike this installment of the series, seeing it as a poor imitation of the iconic original series. However, Gundam Seeddeserves far more credit than it gets. It’s a solid addition overall, and it helped reignite interest in the franchise, allowing for the success of many titles that came after.

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