10 Anime Characters Who Would Have Made Great JoBros

Since part three of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, a zany albeit loyal group of companions have followed the main heroes on their quest. Over time, fans have come to refer them as “JoBros.” They may start off as enemies, but by the end of the arc, JoBros will risk their lives for the protagonist.

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Although the JoBros featured within the story are fantastic, there are many other anime characters that could fulfill the role wonderfully. Through identifying their best qualities and why they deserve to accompany the Joestar family’s adventures, it becomes easier to appreciate how a friendly face comes in many forms.

10 Caesar Was A JoBro Before It Was Cool (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Caesar was Joseph Joestar’s rival and friend throughout the events of Battle Tendency. Having saved him from the tar pits, his mastery of hamon bubbles rendered him a force of nature. Joseph only managed to defeat them on their first encounter since Caesar did not have his creativity.

However, considering that he was Joseph’s only companion aside from Lisa Lisa, he cannot be considered a conventional JoBro. Nonetheless, he is certainly an honorary one given his courage, determination to take down Kars, and final sacrifice against Wamuu.

9 Choji Is Quirky Enough For A JoBro (Naruto)

Naruto‘s Choji has the perfect trappings of a JoBro. He is kind, funny, and just quirky enough to remain interesting throughout the entire act. Moreover, his jutsu are so versatile that he can debut a new ability in every fight without becoming repetitive.

Additionally, Choji’s straightforward skill set ensures that he’ll counter villains with a practical solution that anyone could come up with, rather than using his own contrived Stand power. Choji’s character arc would be equally applicable in another anime, as he could develop the will necessary to kill DIO’s minions throughout the course of the act.

8 Sanji Would Play Off Main Protagonists Well (One Piece)

Sanji is the most appropriate One Piece character to become a JoBro. Despite being extremely powerful, his reluctance to hit women would force creative solutions to difficult encounters as ubiquitously seen throughout the series. Invisibility would also make him a fantastic stealth ally against overpowered Stands.

Considering that Sanji is also relatively brash and outspoken, his personality would make an excellent foil for characters like Jotaro and Giorno. He could even be perceived as the “bad influence” character for Josuke and Jolyne, fulfilling the roles that Okuyasu and Ermes currently do, respectively.

7 Erwin Could Introduce Strategy To The JoBros (Attack On Titan)

Attack On Titan’s Commander Erwin is an excellent choice for a JoBro. Highly intelligent, he could be the first character to suggest strategy to the main hero, rather than the other way around.

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Additionally, Erwin’s lack of power conveys that he’d be able to benefit from the Stand arrow with minimal risks. Given that Stands are spiritual manifestations of one’s will, Erwin’s would either increase his perception of the battlefield or allow him to make daring charges. He would make a particularly nice pairing with Jotaro considering that he and Levi share the same voice actor.

6 Chad Is A Loyal Friend With The Firepower To Back It Up (Bleach)

Bleach‘s Chad is the perfect choice for a JoBro. Strong and poignant, he would make for an excellent contrast to more outspoken protagonists like Josuke or Jolyne.

One of Chad’s greatest assets is that he is resilient and unwilling to back down from adversaries much stronger than himself. It would be exceptionally handy since most of the series’ villains require at least two JoBros to defeat, and he has proven an efficient team player. Chad’s powerful blasts of energy would also strengthen any team without a lack of raw force.

5 Kirishima Is An Indomitable Force For Good (My Hero Academia)

Kirishima was one of the most reliable students in My Hero Academia. His “Hardening” Quirk would be fantastic for any JoBro team to have, especially ones who lack the ability to heal from any wounds. Through tanking the attacks of enemy Stands, Kirishima ensures that his allies are not horrifically mutilated.

Additionally, his takes on manliness and outgoing personality would make him a great companion for someone like Jotaro or Giorno, who need a lively personality to work with. He may only hesitate with the latter due to their penchant for killing.

4 Morel Was A Grizzled Seafaring Hunter (Hunter X Hunter)

Morel was a seafaring Hunter whose “Deep Purple” Nen ability was surprisingly close to a Stand. This would make him feel appropriate to the JoJo universe, even if he actually belongs to Hunter X Hunter.

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Morel was so reliable that Netero hand-picked him in order to join the adventure in the NGL. He stood fast when facing off against chimera ants who would petrify others in fear. As a result, he’d be a terrific choice against some of the series’ more horrific villains like Prosciutto, Terunosuke, and Diavolo.

Everything about Armstrong’s character screams “JoBro” despite his origins in the Fullmetal Alchemist universe. He is boisterous, exaggerates his emotions, and most importantly is incredibly muscular.

To draw even more similarities, Armstrong’s alchemy is a “Stand” in of itself.

Since it can terraform the ground into virtually any shape, he is a strong counter against Stand users like Secco and Ghiaccio. Balancing power with compassion, Armstrong would be best paired with Jotaro or Josuke.

2 Inuyasha’s Personality Would Keep Audiences Entertained (Inuyasha)

Inuyasha’s titular protagonist would do well as a JoBro. Crass and outspoken, he could provide a great rival for Josuke or foil to Jotaro. The struggle against his demonic nature could also be a compelling side arc explored over the course of the series.

One of Inuyasha’s most spectacular qualities is his diverse move set. Considering that he could debut different abilities across multiple opponents, fans would never get bored of watching him work, especially if he is given a powerful threat to overcome. Physically and conceptually interesting, Inuyasha would fit in with other JoBros seamlessly.

1 Ban Could Work With Any JoBro Easily (Seven Deadly Sins)

Ban of Seven Deadly Sins could work with any JoBro group. His built-in healing factor ensures that he isn’t dependent on Giorno or Josuke, and his flexible sense of morality means that he is comfortable sparing with or killing antagonists based on which group of heroes he travels with.

Additionally, Ban’s sole motive of saving Elaine is a straightforward goal that other JoBros can relate to. For example, Jotaro wanted to save his mother, and Jolyne wanted to save her father. They could sympathize with Ban’s cause even though he is a shady character.

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