10 Anime Characters Who Fit The Beauty And The Beast Trope

A beloved fairy tale trope is the unlikely love story between a cursed beast and a good-natured beauty. The tale stems from an oral tradition. There are so many versions of Beauty and the Beast stretching back through time that no one really knows even which region it originally comes from, much less THE original author.

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Sometimes the beast is kind from the start, and sometimes he’s surly. There are versions where he’s a composite of forest creatures with immense strength, and versions where he’s a lion by day and a prince by night. The common threads tend to be that the Beast breaks his curse by the end, and that Beauty finds love and acceptance with him, and there are several anime that fit this tale.

10 A Fox Yokai Falls For His Mistress (Kamisama Kiss)

Kamisama Kiss is a shojo series about the human god Nanami and the fox yokai, Tomoe who serves as her familiar. Nanami is a wide-eyed girl with brown hair and a gentle disposition. Tomoe has silvery blonde hair with matching fox ears and bears a bored expression.

In the beginning of the story, Nanami is helpless, and Tomoe is standoffish. In the fairy tale Beast stuck in his remote castle, and likewise, Tomoe was left behind to care for an abandoned land god shrine. Despite his initial reaction to Nanami in his domain, she grows on him, and he starts to fall for her.

9 Monstrous Kyo Softens For Sweet Tohru (Fruits Basket)

Tohru in Fruits Basket is a beautiful, soft-spoken girl who is earnest and hardworking. As with Beauty in the folktale, Tohru’s mother has passed, and she misses her very much. Tohru goes to a house in the wood and finds it belongs to the Sohma family.

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There she meets Kyo, who is a member of the Chinese zodiac. Whenever Kyo’s embraced by the opposite sex, he transforms into an animal from the zodiac; in his case, a small, orange cat. Unlike the rest of his family, Kyo also will turn into a huge, frightening monster unless he’s wearing his beaded bracelet. Tohru is moved by the Sohma family’s plight and wants to be free them from their curse, Kyo most of all.

8 A Beastly Magus Seeks To Help A Damsel In Distress (The Ancient Magus’ Bride)

Chise in The Ancient Magus’ Bride has fallen on hard times and auctions herself off so that she can find a new home. The person who takes her up on the offer is a person that looks more beastly than human. Elias Ainsworth towers head-and-shoulders above Chise, bears a horned animal skull for a head, and has small pinpricks of light for eyes.

If angered, he becomes even more monstrous, taking on animalistic traits like wings and a writhing snake’s body. The curse element in this story is on the Beauty character, this time. Elias “bought” Chise because he sensed that she’s cursed with a magic that drains her life, and he wants to help her.

7 Vampire Meier Wants Charlotte Just As She Is (Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust)

Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust‘s Charlotte and Meier Link invert some aspects of the fairy tale trope. In Beauty and the Beast, often the Beast character wants to change back into a human and live happily ever after with his fair maiden.

In Vampire Hunter D, Charlotte wants to give up her humanity and become a vampire, like Meier, to live forever with him. Unfortunately for her, Meier does not want to change Charlotte; part of why he loves her is for her mortal perspective and empathy. He’s known too many monsters to strip Charlotte of her humanity.

6 Kagome’s Kiss Tames Beastly Inuyasha (InuYasha)

In InuYasha, the titular character is a beast in every way. Day to day, Inuyasha looks mostly human but for his white, furry ears which mark him as a dog demon. He also has a demon form where he’s stronger, but his mind is reduced to the state of a mindless, rabid animal.

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Kagome is a beautiful girl who can soothe his demon side with a kiss. Inuyasha has a long journey in learning how to be kind to Kagome, but eventually Inuyasha becomes kinder and the two end up together.

5 Vocalist Belle Saves The Beast (Belle)

Belle is a visual delight based on the Beauty and the Beast version written by Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont. Suzu is a gifted singer who lost her mother at an early age. She joins a virtual metaverse where her singing takes off, and she meets a monstrous avatar called The Dragon.

The Dragon lives in a remote castle and when she finds him, he and Suzu begin to grow close. Like in the Leprince version of the folktale, Suzu and The Dragon find ways to save each other in the end.

4 A War-Torn World Where Beauty Is A Soldier And Beast Is A Cyborg (Appleseed)

The film Appleseed takes place in a post-apocalyptic world and the protagonist Deunan Knute is a soldier of the Global War. Briareos Hecatonchires was once her lover, and now he is a cyborg who looks a bit like a muscular, metal rabbit. Even with Briareos’ change, he and Deunan still fight together and have a close bond.

There isn’t much overt romance in this movie, but it may be enjoyable for fans of the fairy tale who were always disappointed when the Beast turned into a prince at the end of the story.

3 Hamel, The Musical Beast Who Runs Into A Princess In Disguise (Violinist Of Hameln)

Violinist of Hameln tells the story of a traveling group of friends. One of fellowship, Hamel, plays his violin to keep demons at bay, using his music to prick at their conscience. A village girl named Flute is actually a princess in disguise with healing music that works in concert with Hamel’s more beastly tendencies.

Hamel looks like a human but for the horn on his head which he keeps covered with a conical hat. He is also hidden royalty, and as the son of the Demon King, he can transform into a demon.

2 Sophie And Howl Break Each Other’s Curses (Howl’s Moving Castle)

In Howl’s Moving Castle, the wizard Howl Pendragon is rumored to eat maiden’s hearts. He lives in a castle powered by magic that can walk on odd little legs and move through great distances with the switch of a dial. Sophie is a sensible girl who gets caught up in a vengeful witch’s spell. In this story, both Beast and Beauty are cursed.

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Howl is cursed because his heart has been taken from him, and Sophie’s cursed to live prematurely in an older version of herself. Howl also has a beast-mode where he can turn into a huge, raven-like creature. The transformation comes at a great cost, however, as he’s less and less likely to turn back every time he transforms.

1 A Vampire Girl Falls For A Human Boy (My Monster Secret)

My Monster Secret tells a story where the girl is the Beast (though her human love interest certainly finds her to be beautiful, too). Youko Shiragami is a green-haired vampire girl whose secret gets discovered by her classmate, Asahi Kuromine when he sees her unfolding huge, bat-like wings stemming from her back.

Youko would be in big trouble with her father if her secret got out. As it turns out, Youko is only one of several monsters at the school, and Asahi is hard-pressed to keep her secret for her. Aasahi has a crush on Youko, and she develops feelings for him, too.

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