10 Anime Characters Who Are Afraid Of Ghosts

Though most anime characters are expected to bravely face whatever danger lies ahead, plenty of them crumble under pressure and run away screaming as soon as something goes wrong. Many anime heroes are tasked with fighting ghouls and monsters, but some characters are afraid of ghosts and spirits.

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Though it’s almost too easy to make fun of these characters, most anime viewers agree that they’d probably do the same thing in their situation. Even some of the most courageous anime heroes crack in the face of the supernatural and quickly turn around to run away as fast as they can.

10 Miko Keeps A Poker Face To Hide Her Fear Of Ghosts (Mieruko-Chan)

Miko from Mieruko-chan can see ghosts. Though she’s totally terrified of them, she copes by putting up a poker face and acting like they don’t exist, even if she’s scared out of her mind. Miko wasn’t always sensitive to the presence of spirits, but she suddenly gained the ability to see them one day.

In fact, she can even detect ghosts that even professional mediums can’t. There’s no magic switch for her to turn the ability off or deactivate it, so Miko constantly sees the ghosts. Most are unfriendly, threatening, and violent, so Miko lives in fear that they’ll eventually come for her.

9 Makoto Is Terrified That His Swim Club Is Haunted (Free!)

Makoto from Free! is one of the series’ kindest characters. He’s rarely seen without a smile on his face and is the epitome of a gentle giant. However, he’s a very jumpy guy who gets scared pretty easily. In fact, he’s terrified that his swim club is haunted.

When Makoto gets scared, he jumps and hides behind Haruka. It’s unclear why he does this, but it seems like it’s a childhood habit. Despite his general jitteriness in the face of the supernatural, Makoto is still one of his team’s most rational and responsible members.

8 Tohru Had To Make Up Stories About The Haunted House To Calm Down (Fruits Basket)

Tohru went to a haunted house with Kyo, Hatsuharu, Momiji, and Yuki over their summer break in Fruits Basket. Everybody assumed that she would be terrified, and they were right. Still, Tohru marched over to pay for a ticket inside to prove everybody wrong.

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She jumped at just about everything inside and only calmed down after talking to Hatsuharu, who made up elaborate, emotional backstories about the haunted house’s inhabitants. The story moved Tohru, Momiji, and even the owners of the haunted house to tears, prompting Kyo to accuse everyone of being idiots.

7 Mio Akiyama Is Terrified Of Anything Supernatural (K-On!)

Mio Akiyama from K-On! is one of the series’ most beloved characters. She’s naturally timid, self-conscious, and one of anime’s most easily embarrassed characters. Still, she’s a talented musician who taps into her emotions to make even better songs.

Mio has a roster of weaknesses and fears, her main one being a deep-rooted fear of anything supernatural. Spooky stories terrify her, and she can’t handle horror movies or anything with gore. Anything that’s even slightly macabre is enough to send Mio running for the hills in fear.

6 Naruto May Be A Talented Shinobi, But Ghosts Are One Of His Biggest Weaknesses (Naruto)

Naruto Uzumaki never backs down from a fight and welcomes adversity with open arms. Still, he’s been scared out of his mind several times throughout Naruto, and understandably so.

Naruto is a talented shinobi who loves a good challenge but is still human and prone to weakness. One of his most significant fears, surprisingly, is ghosts. During one of the filler episodes, Naruto, Hinata, and Kiba went to a haunted castle for a mission. Naruto was terrified the entire time and even tried backing out a few times because he didn’t want anything to do with the supernatural.

5 Liz Thompson Believes That Every Ghost She Meets Wants To Eat Her Alive (Soul Eater)

Soul Eater‘s Liz Thompson may be the most reasonable of her three sisters, but she still has a few weaknesses. One of them, of course, was her fear of ghosts. Anything paranormal freaks her out, and she’s prone to catastrophizing about encountering a ghost.

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Liz has convinced herself that every ghost she meets wants to eat her alive. No matter how kind or helpful the spirit, Liz will still shriek in fear and immediately assume the worst. This actually agitates the ghosts and makes them less inclined to help her.

4 Gintoki Started Singing To Calm Himself Down After A Supernatural Encounter (Gintama)

Gintoki is a man of several personality quirks. It’s why he’s such a lovable shonen protagonist. He’s a respectable samurai and a master swordsman, but he’s still one of anime’s laziest characters and a Shonen Jump aficionado. However, dealing with the paranormal is above his pay grade.

Gintoki’s fear of ghosts has always been apparent. In fact, one time he encountered one and started fearfully reciting the Doraemon theme song to calm himself down. Gintoki’s fear of ghosts is one of Gintama‘s best running gags.

3 Ayu Tsukimiya Can’t Even Tolerate Scary Movies (Kanon)

Ayu Tsukimiya from Kanon wouldn’t hurt a fly. She’s clumsy, afraid of her own shadow, and too sweet for her own good. However, one of her most recognizable personality traits is that she’s absolutely terrified of ghosts. Even mentioning spirits or demons is enough to send her into a frenzy.

Ayu can’t even handle scary movies and is prone to screeching whenever she’s really freaked out by something. Her fear of ghosts is why she’s afraid of walking alone at night and lives in fear of evil spirits coming after her.

2 Misaki Is A Tough Student Council President Who Fears The Paranormal (Maid-Sama!)

Misaki is a tough, unforgiving student council president who doesn’t pull any punches with her school’s male students. Throughout Maid-Sama!, people have come to fear and respect her authority. However, Misaki is still a human, and a teenage girl at that. She has quite a few weaknesses, the most hilarious one being her fear of ghosts.

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During summer vacation, she and her coworkers from the maid café went to a beach resort. One of them told a spooky ghost story about the hot springs, so Misaki stayed behind out of fear that it was true.

1 Ghosts Hijacked Reki & Langa’s Vacation (Sk8 The Infinity)

Reki, Langa, Miya, Shadow, Cherry, and Joe took a trip to the beach over the summer in Sk8 The Infinity. It was one of the few anime beach episodes that wasn’t useless filler. By the end of the episode, they all challenged each other to see who could make it to the secret hot springs first.

However, the island is rumored to be haunted. This tidbit was enough to make Reki terrified of starting the race, and he eventually got left behind until Langa went looking for him. Then, they discover that Miya and Shadow got ambushed by the spirits and covered in smelly debris. Reki and Langa hopped on their skateboards and tried to escape, only to discover that the island’s spirits were also capable of skateboarding.

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